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Tried & Tested: Liquid Blonde Shampoo for Goldilocks-Worthy Hair

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: Liquid Blonde Shampoo for Goldilocks-Worthy Hair

Blonde haired girls listen up! You deserve better. You deserve to swish your blonde hair with pride. You deserve not to hate your hair because it's gone dull, brassy and is breaking off due to your love affair with bleach. You deserve not to be called a 'dumb blonde' too because *news flash* your hair doesn't define your intelligence. Whilst we can't promise the latter, hair experts PRO:VOKE do promise to add some vibrancy and richness to your blonde locks. We tested out their latest range...

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

Just about every blonde haired girl is surely familiar with PRO:VOKE's Touch of Silver shampoo. Made for platinum white blondes, but used by just about everyone who fears their hair has gone that dreaded 'brassy' shade, the iconic purple shampoo was a firm favourite of mine when my hair was brighter than the sun and I could actually be bothered to regularly get my roots touched up. Fast forward a few years and, whilst still highlighted, my hair is much closer to my natural blonde and I'm embracing those golden, not brassy, definitely not brassy, tones.

Now hair experts PRO:VOKE are adding to their blonde hair roster with a shampoo and conditioner duo aimed at those who want to enhance their honey and caramel tones. The Liquid Blonde Colour Infusion Shampoo contains golden pigments to boost warm blonde hair so you can make those painfully long visits to the hairdressers a little less frequent.

The shampoo is a real shimmery gold, which is lovely and luxurious, as is the smell, but I couldn't help thinking I was probably giving off major C-3PO vibes as I smoothed it on my head and waited the recommended 5 minutes before washing it off. The texture is a little thicker then your average shampoo so it does require some extra work to massage it from root to tip.

When I dried my hair I noticed my hair was instantly warmer and more golden in colour and thanks to the Gloss Intensifying Conditioner, it was also super shiny. Whilst I'm not saying I would use this to replace my twice a year trip to my colourist it does refresh your blonde effectively in between appointments.

If you're ready to live your best Goldilocks life, l or have warm-toned balayage or ombre, then try using this new duo to give your blonde the boost it needs whilst you're waiting for your next salon visit.

We will be giving away 50 Pro:Voke Liquid Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner's to be tested this week on Experts Club!

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Victoria Williams
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