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Tried & Tested: Got2b Volumanic Mousse

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: Got2b Volumanic Mousse

There's no denyin the words 'hair mousse' would fill some beauty lovers with dread. We all love a throwback Thursday but we don't want to go as far as to emulate Madonna's Like A Virgin days or even back to the early 00's when 'scrunch-drying' was suddenly all the rage. Anyway, it's 2017 and we're all for trying new things so we tested out Got2b's Volumaniac Mousse to see if this hair wonder could really make a comeback...

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

When I hear the word mousse my first thought is dessert, not hair, but that's just because I'm forever thinking about food. My only memories of using hair mousse are from raiding my mother's dressing table post-hair wash and applying the logic of the more product I apply, the more like Jen An my hair would become. This was not the case - my hair looked limp and greasy, the exact opposite of what I was going for.

Now I'm older and, hopefully, wiser I wanted to try a mousse the way it was intended. I washed and towel-dried my hair before pumping a small, emphasis on small, dollop of mousse into my hand and running it through my roots. After blow-drying my hair, concentrating on the roots, I must say my hair was definitely more voluminous than usual and it held for longer than I expected. I think you have to be careful with mousse, and it seems scary at first, but with a bit more practice I can see myself becoming a convert. This Volumaniac Mousse is certainly a step forward from the mousse I played with back in my teens.

Helen - Social Media Editor

Hair mousse has never been a go-to product for me, using it only in the absence of hair spray or stealing it from my dear mother's vanity cupboard to use as a weapon on my two sisters as a child (teenager). But it's apparently having a moment in 2017 thanks to Schwarzkopf's got2b: Volumaniac bodyfying Mousse and I'm keen to find out what all the fuss is about.

My hair is thin and short - everything a girl doesn't wish for in their tresses but you can't have everything, right? So it needs all the help it can get when it comes to volume and I'm pleased to say this product steps up to the plate. I've always been reluctant to reach for mousse over spray as I find it thick which comes with the risk of weighing the hair down - exactly what I don't want. But after running a penny-sized pump through my short length, rubbing more into the roots, and blasting it all over with the drier, I felt and looked like a true Volumaniac - much to the surprise of my colleagues. Although the style maintained its body for a while, I think your best bet is securing it with a dusting of hair spray to save you having to restyle your hair throughout the day or night.

Pascale - Digital Writer

Real talk here: I'm not a fan of mousse. It's for older women and eighties popstars, but not for me. I don't really know its purpose and I'm not sure it's what my hair needs. I always think of mousse as being super sticky, and leaving hair with a weird, crunch stiffness that sounds like walking through a large pile of autumn leaves.

But alas, I must try these things because it is my job and yes, my job is hard. I was actually really impressed with Volumaniac Mousse - the swell of a mousse means you only need a small amount, and it smells heavenly. I rubbed it into my hair whilst wet, not quite knowing what to do to get it to absorb into my hair but luckily it does that job all on its own. After blasting it with the drier my hair was insane - thick, full and really bouncy. I finished the look my tonging it into a curly 'do and the mousse, combined with a teeny tiny spritz of hairspray. I'm used to my curls falling out the second I step out my front door but this held the look all day. Touché, Schwarzkopf, you got me hooked.

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