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The Half-bun 'Hun' Is The Hottest Hair Trend Around

by Lareese Craig ,
The Half-bun 'Hun' Is The Hottest Hair Trend Around

For all those times you're looking for that five minute it girl hairstyle that's not a top knot, not a pony tail and not an entire can of dry shampoo, there's the half-bun, adorably dubbed "The Hun". Oh, it's a thing.

  1. · The fashion hun
  2. · The balayaged hun
  3. · The braided hun
  4. · The unwashed hair hun
  5. · The long hair hun
  6. · The curly hun
  7. · The show off hun
  8. · The hun of huns
  9. · And there's plenty more hun inspo where that came from...

You've experimented with that gawky Alexa Chung bob in an attempt to be as cool as her (of course you have, it's only natural that you did) but THIS it girl hairstyle is a zero maintenance, zero commitment kinda do. Which means you don't have to be clad in dungarees with perfectly flicked eyeliner to pull it off. Life saver.

The hipster hun is gaining serious street cred on social media and why wouldn't it? It's quick, it's easy and most of all it's even better than the half pony hairstyle you insisted on wearing all the way through primary school.

If you can't bring yourself to use the word hun, if it makes you cringe, wince and screw your face up then for that we're sorry, you're about to hear a whole lot more of it.

If ever there's been a time to quote Sir Mix A Lot lyrics it's now, so without further a do: My anaconda we don't want none unless you've got buns, hun.

The fashion hun

Alexa Chung's got comp.

The balayaged hun

What better way to show off that beautiful head of perfectly sun-kissed colour?

The braided hun

Don't get it twisted hun.

The unwashed hair hun

Your go to do for two day old hair. PS it looks awesome on blonde hair with a bit of dark rootage going on!

The long hair hun

Liven up your lengthy locks with a cute high hun. Proudlock would be... ahem, proud?!

The curly hun

What can we say, there's a hun for every hair type.

The show off hun

No one likes a show off but in this case we LOVE one. Braid it back and bung it up.

The hun of huns

The holy grail of hun buns right there. Isn't she beautiful?

And there's plenty more hun inspo where that came from...

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Lareese Craig
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