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Woman Loses Her Sh*t After BAD Haircut

by Carla Cain Walther ,
Woman Loses Her Sh*t After BAD Haircut© disneymoviesandfacts.tumblr.com

Have you ever endured the traumatising experience of a bad haircut? We're sure you have. It sucks, but luckily hair grows back and hats are always in style. Too bad nobody told this mad New Yorker that!

​Maybe your hairdresser just didn't understand that a cute pixie cut doesn't mean you want to be a Ringo Starr look-alike.

​Well, crying is totally fine and demanding a refund is also an option! Just PLEASE don't do what 26-year-old Rachel Meyers allegedly did. She wasn't satisfied with her 'do at a salon located in the Financial District, NYC, so....

"She [...] went berserk, throwing items that hit a client inadvertently caught in the melee," according to DNAInfo.

​Yes, Rachel clearly LOST HER DAMN MIND and injured a 52-year-old woman who was trying to keep her calm.

"The young woman started throwing whatever was in her way — chairs, hair dryers, shampoo bottles — crashing through the small second-floor parlour in an angry fit," said the victim.

"Suddenly this like 20-pound metal box was being hurled at my head, so I ducked and somehow it hit my leg. I don’t think she was throwing it at me — I was just in the way of this crazy scene. I felt like I was in a movie — it was that dramatic."

Police came. Rachel was removed and was charged with a slew of misdemeanors that could put her in lockup for up to a year. Yikes!

So moral of the story is don't resort to flipping out on innocent bystanders after a shitty cut. No matter how bad it turns out, it's nothing a good pixie or choppy style can't hide!

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Carla Cain Walther
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