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Sweating & Falling Off The Treadmill? 24 Stages Girls Go Through When Hitting The Gym

by Vivian KELLY ,
Sweating & Falling Off The Treadmill? 24 Stages Girls Go Through When Hitting The Gym© Google Images

Going to the gym is every girl’s greatest love/hate relationship. We love the feeling afterwards, hate JUST about everything that comes before that. Motivating yourself, getting distracted by shirtless men, trying to work the damn machines then tripping over the treadmill. Standard. Girls, sound familiar? Check out these 24 stages every woman goes through when hitting the gym...

1. You check yourself out in the mirror

GASP. WTF moment. You can’t believe how big your thighs have gotten since last summer. Something NEEDS to be done and it needs to be done now.

2. You cry a little bit inside

“How did I let this happen? This is so unfair.” But, you quickly pull it together and draw up a plan of action.

3. Building motivation

The solution is simple. It’s gym time baby. Things are about to get serious. You've got this picture pinned to your wall, work desk, mobile - you name it.

4. But you can’t help but think…

...that watching Netflix in bed sounds SO much better. It’s never too late to start, right? Monday makes more sense.

5. Hmm. But that's hardly an excuse

Why keep procrastinating? There will always be less than perfect days. Start now.

6. What to wear?

It’s been almost a year since you last went to the gym so you gotta look good. Hey, perfection ain't easy...

7. There’s no way you're going bare-faced either…

Sans make-up? Nah. You’d rather save people the horror.

8. You talk yourself down

But what if the make-up clogs your pores? The blackheads, the blemishes? No thanks. You'll take it off, but only if the mascara stays.

9. You’re feeling pretty tired now

And you haven't even left the house! You felt pumped, but suddenly started feeling sleepy. *Yawn. Maybe tomorrow? Give up.

10. Three hours later…

You've made it! But the whole place seems foreign and you feel out of place.

11. So you do a runner - to changing rooms


12. Your first port of call...

The treadmill. Everyone knows how to run, right? Running is easy peasy.

13. But wait, NOT before you take a gym selfie

Hey, a shameless selfie never hurt anybody. We're so cool. Apparently.

14. How do you work this thing again?

Finally, you turn the machine on and 10 minutes into it you realise how embarrassingly unfit you are. Wow. Just wow.

15. People watching

Then you start noticing your surroundings. There's HOT men everywhere. Intimidating is not even the word.

16. And you can't help but to day dream

“I’d totally hook up with him. Woah. Did he just smile at me?” But then, you panic, trip and slam down the EMERGENCY button.

This is the last time we're coming here...

17. Red-faced and wheezing you look for an escape

You’re so OVER THIS. Not sure what next, you decide to do some strength training. Squats and lunges are pretty basic. “Am I doing this right? Please don't judge me."

18. It’s time for a break…

With stretching! Reach down and touch your toes. OUCH.

19. Err, why is he looking at me?

Is there something on my face? Is there a massive sweat patch on my bum? Please. Stop. Staring. #gymperv

20. You notice all the other girls working out

And can’t help but think how much hotter they are. Sob.

21. OK. Enough is enough. What’s the time?

You’ve only been at the gym for forty-five minutes, but agree that you’ve done pretty well considering. You outta here.

22. You’re feeling pretty damn good

So you tell your friends how sore you are and what a great session you had. Oh for the love of BULL SHIT.

23. You need food!

You reward yourself a chocolate bar for effort. Nom nom.

24. But guilt always prevails

Why? WHY did I eat that? Don't worry - tomorrow is a new day!

What stages do you go through when you hit the gym? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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