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Hollyoaks 1/12 - Leela is like a raging bull at the Lomax’s

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 1/12 - Leela is like a raging bull at the Lomax’s

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Tuesday 1st December


Leela is like a raging bull at the Lomax’s, while Tegan and Ziggy are at the Roscoe’s wondering what to do next. Tegan goes to speak to Leela and is conflicted when Leela makes her choose between her and Ziggy. Elsewhere, Celine goes to an appointment to discuss her eating disorder. Cameron finds her and wants to prove to her how much he loves her. Meanwhile, Peri finds Tegan’s list of ’10 things I hate about Ziggy’, will she show it to him? Leela decides to get her man and kisses Cameron! But fragile Celine has seen.

Mrs St Claire is in a foul mood about the school’s latest results and decides to cancel the Christmas party, much to Nancy and John Paul’s dismay. Mrs St Claire tells John Paul that if he helps her with some filing after school, the kids will get their party. As he’s moving boxes, he finds one of Mrs St Claire’s personal documents and is surprised at what he finds...

Nico is ‘conveniently’ in the right place at the right time when Holly stands Jason up for lunch. Elsewhere, Robbie makes a promise to Holly that before Christmas they’re going to go to a hotel. As he searches for a cheap hotel, Jason is looking at expensive engagement rings…

Emmy Griffiths
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