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Hollyoaks 11/09 - Lisa ​helps Lockie out at the burger boat

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 11/09 - Lisa ​helps Lockie out at the burger boat

Hollyoaks​ Episode Guide – Friday 11th September


Simone offers to educate Lisa about the family business – Price-Slicing! Lisa’s not impressed and finds an excuse to escape. She helps Lockie out at the burger boat. Lisa asks Simone if she’ll give her and Lockie a loan to get the business started, while Zack asks his dad for £2k to go to a professional football training camp. Zack sacrifies his opportunity when he sees how excited Lisa and Simone are about the boat. Lisa is shocked when Wayne returns…
Reenie is shocked when Nana gets a call from ‘Derek’ asking her to visit him in hospital. She begs her mum not to go and Porsche questions who he is. Nana lies that she’s got a migraine so she can’t go to bingo with Reenie and Porsche. Instead she goes to visit Derek.

Nico is annoyed that Sienna is trying to keep Ben away from her and tells her mum that Ben is like a father to her. Sienna returns home to find Nico with blood on her cheek. Nico did it to herself so she can tell Ben that Sienna did it.

Emmy Griffiths
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