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Hollyoaks 12/10 - Kim spots Lindsey with a pregnancy test

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 12/10 - Kim spots Lindsey with a pregnancy test

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Monday 12th October


Kim spots Lindsey with a pregnancy test in her hand. Freddie questions when Lindsey was going to tell him about the pregnancy. They wait for the result. Freddie imagines an ideal family life in the country away from Kim and suggests that Kim should move out. Kim is furious when Lindsey tells her, and knows Freddie is to blame.

Ben squares up to Trevor and Robbie pulls them apart - he’s still working for Ben. Nico books in for an emergency psychiatrist appointment. Sienna and Nico decide to bury the ring that Ashley is looking for next to Carly’s grave. However, Trevor has already seen them with it and is suspicious.

Pete offers to cover a shift at The Dog for Jack, knowing it will bring him closer to Jade… Meanwhile, Cleo asks Holly for help with her man, but doesn’t tell her it’s Pete. Holly lets Cleo borrow one of Cindy’s dresses and sends her off to get her man looking a million dollars. At The Dog, Pete and Jade play dress up with the outfits for Hollyoaks Pride. Cleo overhears Pete with Jade and is heartbroken that he’s found a new girl.

Emmy Griffiths
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