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Hollyoaks 14/10 - Harry tries to explain himself to Ste

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 14/10 - Harry tries to explain himself to Ste

Hollyoaks​ Episode Guide – Wednesday 14th October


Harry tries to explain himself to Ste, but Ste rushes off when he gets an unexpected phone call. Harry surprises Ste by waiting for him at the Lomax’s – naked! However, Leah is with Ste and Ste has to cover her eyes quickly. Leah is on to Harry and interrogates him about why he’s sitting half-naked on her couch. Harry swipes Ste’s credit card and books a hotel room for them under the names Mr Thompson and Mr McQueen - because Ste hasn’t changed his name back to Hay on his credit card. Nancy spots the booking confirmation on the school computer and thinks Harry is dating John Paul.

Holly is with Jason at the coffee shop but is struggling to breathe. The room is spinning around her and she rushes out, telling Jason to leave her alone. She runs into Robbie’s arms, who helps her calm down. He takes her to school, but Jason arrives and takes control. Holly gives Robbie a grateful smile. Robbie meets Holly after school and jealous Jason watches.

Lindsey goes to find Freddie but gets a picture message of Kim with Kath. She arrives at Kath’s room where Kim has barricaded herself in. The police arrive and Kim is taken away.

Trevor and Grace meet up at the seafront. Their anger turns to passion and they kiss. Grace tells Trevor that she wants them to be a family but they need to leave Hollyoaks. Trevor promises to get the cash they need and calls Ashley about Carly’s ring.

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