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Hollyoaks 16/09 - Lisa is hiding in the village

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 16/09 - Lisa is hiding in the village

Hollyoaks​ Episode Guide – Wednesday 16th September


Simone and Louis spot Lisa hiding in the village with a rucksack. Lisa storms out of the flat and bumps into Wayne. She agrees to go back and work with him for good if he’ll let Jade go. Zack turns up just as Lisa is being bundled into Wayne’s car. He stands up to Wayne, but is overpowered and when Wayne throws Zack to the ground, Zack shouts in pain about his leg.

Furious, Louis goes to find Wayne.

Lindsey is furious when she finds out Freddie didn’t hand in her application for the promotion.

Joe tells Mercedes that she should be with someone who she has history with and likes her for who she is. He means himself, but Mercedes goes straight back to Lockie.

Emmy Griffiths
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