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Hollyoaks 17/04 - Warren Has Recent Events On His Mind

by Pascale Day Published on 11/04/2017 at 01:00
Hollyoaks 17/04 - Warren Has Recent Events On His Mind

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - monday 17th April.


It’s Warren’s birthday but he has recent events on his mind. Elsewhere, Ellie is getting stressed about the Pub of the Year award and asks Mac not to be around when the judges arrive for fear of how unpredictable he is. Meanwhile, Tom and Alfie decide to go ghostbusting, but when Marnie tells James that she’s swapped Mac’s sleeping pills for caffeine tablets, one of Tom’s ghostbuster audio recorders picks up their conversation. Back at the Cunningham’s, Nick’s paranoia gets the better of him and he finds a trolling website targeting him. Zack gets a booty text from Leela and rushes over to the Lomax’s, but their alone time keeps getting interrupted by Leela’s motherly duties.

Pascale Day
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