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Hollyoaks 19/11 - Celine is recovering in hospital

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 19/11 - Celine is recovering in hospital

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Thursday 19th November


Celine is recovering in hospital and Porsche decides it’s time to go to the police but she needs Cleo’s help. Elsewhere, Jade calls Pete after sleeping rough. He picks her up but when she gets a voicemail from Lisa telling her what Pete has done, she panics.

Cindy meets Neeta, and Mac urges her to sort out the divorce, now! She asks Simone to help her replicate a decree absolute but when she says no, Cindy pinches one of her law books. She mocks up her own documents and is relieved when Mac thinks they’re real. However, when Mac announces that he’s booked his wedding for January, Cindy realises she’s got to get divorced properly.

Emmy Griffiths
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