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Hollyoaks 23/03 - Lisa Is Sickened By Mac's Behaviour

by Pascale Day ,
Hollyoaks 23/03 - Lisa Is Sickened By Mac's Behaviour

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Thursday 23rd March.


Leela gets a picture of herself through the door with the word “SLUT” written across it; Courtney calls the police. Zack turns up to check on Leela and offers to stay when Peri and Courtney leave. Peri is suspicious that her mum and Zack have something going on. DS Armstrong arrives and doesn’t dispel Leela’s fears that Zack could be her stalker. When she bumps into Zack outside The Bean, Leela orders him to leave her alone, now adamant that he is tormenting her.

It’s re-launch day at The Dog and Marnie seems to be back to being Mac’s dutiful wife. Mac is getting cold feet about his speech but Marnie keeps encouraging him. Lisa overhears him practicing his speech and is sickened; she reminds him that it’s their fault Nathan is dead. Later, Mac takes to the stage for his speech but something freaks him out.

Lily gets ready to be ‘magician’ Scott’s assistant at the re-launch but when he arrives at The Dog he gets a cold welcome from Leah and James.

Amy is confused when her wedding flowers turn up, sure that she’d cancelled them. She’s flustered when more wedding confirmations start coming through. Later, Ryan returns and proposes to Amy again, watched by an irritated Ste, but what will she say?​​​

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