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Hollyoaks 27/03 - It's The Day Of Amy And Ryan's Wedding

by Pascale Day ,
Hollyoaks 27/03 - It's The Day Of Amy And Ryan's Wedding

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Monday 27th March.


It’s the day of Amy and Ryan’s wedding. Ryan gives Amy a print out of their boarding passes and tells her they could leave for America tonight. Mike and Ryan try to convince Amy that moving would be for the best. However, the guilt hits them when they find out how much Ste is doing to help with the wedding.

Scott is flapping about what to wear to the wedding and asks hung-over Mercedes to go shopping with him and be his plus 1. James sees them heading to the shops and guesses that Mercedes was involved in Scott’s fraud. He orders them to pay him back or he’ll go to the police.Tegan jokes with Leela that she fancies Armstrong. Leela is surprised when Armstrong asks her on a date.

Everyone congregates at the church ready for the ceremony and Amy looks radiant as she walks down the aisle towards teary Ryan. At the reception, Mike shakes Ste’s hand, proud of how he’s behaved, but warns him not to mess up. James is covering for Marnie at The Dog and refuses to serve Scott and Mercedes at the wedding reception.​​

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