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Hollyoaks 30/09 - Tony drags his son out of the club

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 30/09 - Tony drags his son out of the club

Hollyoaks​ Episode Guide – Wednesday 30th September


Tony drags his son out of the club. Tony announces that he’s going to send Harry back to boarding school. Scott takes Rose to see Tegan, but Tegan is heartbroken when Rose doesn’t recognise her as her mum. Meanwhile, Ste tells Harry that maybe it’s better if they have some distance between them.

Robbie finds a fearful Holly stood by Trevor’s smashed up car and drags her away. Jason arrives at the garage where Robbie and Holly are hiding. He’s frustrated that Robbie got to Holly first and deals a few blows to the punch bag in frustration. Elsewhere, Trevor thinks Leela is to blame for his smashed up car and marches her out of the pub.

Ziggy arrives and tells Trevor he’ll fix the windscreen for free. Trevor drives his car into the garage and is met by a terrified Holly with Jason and Robbie.

Emmy Griffiths
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