Famous couples: Why can't celebrity love go the distance?

 - Famous couples: Why can't celebrity love go the distance?

Famous couples: Why can't celebrity love go the distance?

Sofeminine's Celebrity Editor Esme Riley examines why it could be that love never seems to last in celeb land…

Celebrity relationships don't half make me sceptical about love.
Not a week goes by without a new star split - it would take me hours to list the couples who have broken up this year alone.
Myleene Klass and Graham Quinn, Seal and Heidi Klum, Ronan and Yvonne Keating, Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Max George and Michelle Keegan, Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer...
I could go on.
Though news of all these break-ups does make a teeny tiny bit of my heart turn to steel every time I hear it, I'm rarely surprised. Maintaining a relationship when one or two of you are in the limelight must be so hard.
Think I’m being dramatic? Here are just a few of my reasons why:
1. Work schedules: Travelling away all the time or working crazy 18-hour days without a break can't give much time for a sneaky catch-up with your other half on the phone or a quiet evening in together eating takeout and watching X Factor.
2. The nature of the job: If you’re a model, you spend your time draped over other equally beautiful people. If you’re an actor, you bond with your co-stars on set (AHEM - yes, I’m talking about you, Ange and Brad) and if you’re a singer, you meet other pop peeps who know about F-sharps and harmonies at concerts.  And before you know it - boom! - you’ve ‘forgotten’ about your loyal, trusting partner.

3. The rumours: There are always "sources" claiming they've seen X cuddling up to a Z-list glamour model, or Y emerging from someone-or-other's flat in the early hours. Surely, however much you trust your partner, this would plant a little piece of doubt in your mind? There’s no room for insecurity in a celebrity relationship. I know I couldn’t do it. Give me bickering about the washing up over rows about horrible nasty rumours any day.
4. The fame: We all know that celebrities are put on a pedestal. They’re worshipped. So let’s face it - this basically means they can sleep with whoever takes their fancy. I mean, surely - SURELY - nobody would have had sex with creepy weedy Ashley Cole if he wasn’t a multi-millionaire footballer? And I don’t reckon Brian McFadden would be able to bag all those beauties post-Kerry Katona if he hadn’t once been in Westlife.
One split that’s of particular note is Myleene and Graham Quinn, who met during her days in pop band Hear'Say. They'd been dating 11 years and had two children together before they married in October last year.
But, after just seven months as husband and wife, the pair split and things turned nasty.
I can't help but wonder - was Graham threatened by Myleene's success? Did they marry to try and save their relationship?
And then - as so often happens with celebrity break-ups - reports surfaced of Graham having an affair. Graham and X Factor dancer Sarah Robinson categorically denied the rumours, but things inevitably got nasty and it almost seemed Myleene‘s years with the bouncer had been wasted.
And when I think of the people I’ve known for this amount of time, I can’t even imagine the devastation Myleene must have felt upon hearing the rumours.
Believe it or not, Seal and Heidi were once my ultimate celeb couple. Everyone's got one, right? Those two people who, if they break up, will make you "lose all faith" in love.
So as you can imagine, the news of their split hit me hard in January (we’re not talking tears, but I was pretty bummed). And, as things turned a little sour, I quickly realised they weren't quite the perfect pairing I’d been led to believe.
It all goes to prove you never know what goes on behind closed doors.
Let’s look at celeb world’s most recent split - Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer, who broke up this week after an impressive nine years of marriage. Following the end of their union, rumours of Danielle’s alleged relationship with dancer Damian Whitewood have plagued their smooth parting. 
Whether claims of Danielle’s romance with Damian are true or not, it seems many a celeb relationship ends - or suffers a major hiccup - because of infidelity.
Ronan Keating and wife Yvonne split in April because they struggled to get over Ronan’s cheating with a backing dancer in 2010. Yvonne had taken him back, but ultimately the pair couldn’t patch up their differences.
It seems to me that cheating isn’t considered such a huge offence in celeb world - which is something I find difficult to relate to.
It struck me as particularly interesting that during all the press coverage of Justin Lee Collins’ recent trial for harassment, it was merely a side point that the comedian confessed to cheating on his ex-wife with numerous women. He’s reported to also have walked out on his children to move in with Anna Larke, but still his former spouse proved an important character witness and ultimately helped him avoid jail.

Abbey Crouch took Peter back after his alleged night with a prostitute, Tess forgave Vernon Kaye for sexting other women and Mark Owen’s just had another baby with his wife despite his admission to numerous dalliances. Fortunately, Cheryl Cole had enough sense to kick Ashley to the kerb.
We so often see celebs take back their unfaithful partners. This week Robert Pattinson has been snapped cuddling up to Kristen Stewart - just months after she confessed to cheating on him with director Rupert Sanders. 
Rob will have seen the photos that emerged of Kristen and Rupert kissing and hugging - hell, the whole world saw them. He must have been utterly humiliated, but still he agrees to see Kristen again. Only time will tell whether these two will go the distance or suffer a similar fate to Ronan and Yvonne. 
So, my cases of infidelity include Boyzone’s Ronan hooking up with a backing dancer, Vernon sending dodgy messages to models he met when DJ-ing, and Kristen hooking up with the director of one of her films.
One thing seems obvious here: If I was dating a celebrity, I’d be paranoid every time they headed off to work. 
It appears they get caught up in the glitz and glam of their celebrity life and perhaps they feel so detached from the real world that somewhere in their mind they believe they can get away with anything.
I also strongly believe that it must get pretty tricky when two people in the limelight are together. Surely, if one’s career is more successful than the other, this leads to bitterness and jealousy? And we all know those aren’t the two key qualities to a happy relationship.
It’s not all doom and gloom, though - some celebrity couples do go the distance.
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have been married since 1988, while Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.
Meanwhile, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have survived illness and drug addiction and are still happily husband and wife after 30 years.
Catherine Zeta Jones supported Michael Douglas through his cancer battle and, despite their 25-year age gap, the couple have been married for twelve years.
Finally - OK, so they've hit a few bumps along the way - LA's golden couple David and Victoria Beckham have been married for more than 13 years and have THE most adorable family.
Just please, no, don't let those rumours about David and Katherine Jenkins be true.

Do celebrity couples make you sceptical about love?
Yes - it's hard not to lose faith in love with all these bitter break ups
No - celebrity relationships aren't real life
I prefer to concentrate on my own relationship and not be influenced by others


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