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Blogger Tells People "It's Cool To Be Real" In Honest Instagram Pic Of Her Stomach Fat

by Pascale Day ,
Blogger Tells People "It's Cool To Be Real" In Honest Instagram Pic Of Her Stomach Fat© Instagram/fitfenji

Fenella Scarlett McCall doesn't care much for misleading Instagram pics. She also doesn't care much for the more traditional rules of losing weight. All Fenella wants to do is inspire women to be themselves and be real because let's be honest, that's way cooler.

Fitness blogger Fenella Scarlett McCall is all about helping women feel more confident about their bodies which is why she recently posted a side-by-side photo on her Instagram page, showing how exactly you can fake a flat stomach even if the reality's bulgier. One pic shows Fenella with a tight tum while the next shows her stomach as she's leaning forward because she literally just does not give a sh*t about the fact she's got a little bit of tummy fat.

"Now you see it, now you don't," she joked. "Just felt like posting one of these for no other reason then #itscooltobereal.

"You know what's attractive? Real, down to earth people. People who have a heart and who use it for love and compassion. People who are unapologetic about their BEAUTIFUL imperfections. People who are authentic, vulnerable and honest!! I love that sh*t!!!!"

She then goes on to say that her only real connections are with people who are honest and real. "I can't connect with fake people. I just feel uncomfortable about myself when in their company 😔. What I can connect with is real, raw vulnerability #noshame.

"I want to spend LESS TIME worrying about pointless details and focus on the bigger picture.

"I share this 'cause it's the opposite of what my head wants but exactly what my heart wants... And right now, my heart is saying... chocolate". Same hun.

And this isn't the first time she's posted one of these pics. In another pic of a similar nature, she again shows her taut stomach compared to when she's not flexing. She recalls a comment she received from an Instagram user saying "haha you were fat": "I actually giggled. Huh? What is a comment like that even meant achieve?

"Why is it that we as a society belittle someone who isn’t “up to a certain standard”? When did we stop focusing on health and start focusing on weight and appearance for what’s important?

"So right now - I may have a bit of extra weight around the tummy, but I'm the HAPPIEST and HEALTHIEST I've ever been - physically and mentally. My time isn't taken up by ruminating on 'what I look like or what I SHOULD be'..

"It's more concerned with making the right choice for me as a whole - mentally, physically and emotionally - which I down right know, has nothing to do with looking a certain way."

After sharing this pic with her 98,000 followers, they were quick to praise her body-positive self. "Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us... I think you are a stunning person inside and out, your posts exude happiness," one said while another said she was inspiring others: "I love that you are so real. That you love yourself and are a positive infuence on young girls. My daughter is overweight with a thyroid problem we are trying to correct and she came accross your page. Thank you."

Good food, exercise and a positive outlook? Now that's a lifestyle we can get on board with.

Are you inspired by Fenella's Insta posts? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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