Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian’s baby weight battles

 - Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian’s baby weight battles
Baby weight battles

Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian are arguably two of the most famous women in the world - and even more eyes are on them right now as they navigate their first pregnancies.

From the moment it was revealed that they were pregnant, there’s been an almost fanatical obsession with these women’s changing figures.

The scale of the global interest in their bodies is staggering and as they now reach the six-month mark, not a day goes by without news reports detailing the latest sighting of Kate’s modest baby bump and Kim’s “outrageous” pregnancy weight gain.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and certainly it’s not surprising that the slim, athletic Duchess and the curvaceous Kardashian are sporting very different baby bumps.

But how depressing is it to see a constant stream of negative comments directed at them daily?

While they are supposed to be gearing up for the joys of motherhood, Kate is being blasted by so-called “medical professionals” for being underweight and potentially harming her baby.

Whereas Kim is supposedly in the midst of a “pregnancy nightmare” that has seen her reportedly balloon to a weight of 200lbs (over 14 stone), and unflattering photos of her are selling so well that it's become lucrative for photographers to try to shoot her from awful angles.

Pregnancy is one of life’s natural miracles. We talk about the proverbial ‘bun in the oven’ and in a way it’s true – these women are literally ‘baking’ a human life. It’s frankly amazing.

So why do we have to denigrate it by analysing every bodily change in only the most negative of terms?

Here’s just a small selection of depressing Kim and Kate headlines from the past few weeks:

  • All these women were blooming at six months. So... why is Kate's bump so tiny?
  • Fears Kate Middleton putting baby at risk by working too hard
  • Kim Kardashian devastated over 65lb weight gain: “This baby is ruining my life”
  • Distraught Kim Kardashian “hires five personal trainers after weight gain panic”

But US gossip website TMZ really took it to a new low last week as they published a taunting article comparing five-foot-two Kim to five-foot-ten Kate Middleton.

Their snide headline – "Not all famous pregnant chicks have to be HUGE" – helpfully overlooked the fact that these two women clearly have very different metabolisms, genetics and body types.

Obviously as high-profile women in the public eye, their every move is scrutinised, criticised and picked apart. 

But wouldn’t it be lovely, even life-affirming, if we took a break from the usual female sniping body-shaming garbage?

So please guys, let's cut out the negativity and instead celebrate the fact that Kate and Kim are gestating the future heir to the British royal throne and the future king/queen of Hollywood in their perfectly-shaped bellies.


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