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This Period-shaming Ad Is Everything That's Wrong With The World

by Lareese Craig ,
This Period-shaming Ad Is Everything That's Wrong With The World

Congrats guys! You've managed to body-shame and period-shame 50% of the world's population in under two minutes flat. If we didn't have a heavy flow and a raging mood swing before, this advert ought to do it. *sigh*

We're just gonna go ahead, put all tampons on the table and say it. Periods - they're nothing to be ashamed of. It's a bond that half of the population share on a monthly basis.

But rather than helping a girl out and making an ad that tackles the stigma of periods head vagina on, Australian brand Sofy BeFresh decided it was a clever idea to period and fat shame us. All in a minute's work, how very efficient.

Here we are trying to break the blood-flow taboo, running marathons tampon-less just to prove a point and then they go ahead and pull a stunt like this...


How are we supposed to educate men when campaigns like this make us out to me man-hating, sofa-ridden psychos. I mean, I'm not sure about you but last time I got my period I never once thought about microwaving my cat or throwing shade on the dear dear Domino's delivery guy.

As if period-shaming wasn't offensive enough, they then make us out to be lazy slobs who insist on eating their feelings and then crying about it. Original eh.

And to top it off, it's not even a remotely accurate portrayal, getting your period feels nothing like sitting on a dreamy doughnut, it feels more like a hammer head shark is thrashing around in your uterus trying to break free from its sad confined life. Forgive me for being dramatic, I'm probably just on the blob or something.

Sick of the same period-shaming sh*t? Let's start our periods all over again #TheVaginaRevolution, who's with me? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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Lareese Craig
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