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This Artist Creates The Best Middle Finger Up Response To The Thigh Gap

by Rose Adams ,
This Artist Creates The Best Middle Finger Up Response To The Thigh Gap

We are all perfect in our own way and nothing makes us happier than inspiring females celebrating that fact. Or poking fun at those unrealistic ideals which try and question it, for that matter. One sassy make-up artist is doing exactly that, using her artistic talents to throw shade at the annoying thigh-gap body phenomenon and we couldn't be more here for it. Because thigh gap smigh gap, right?

When the crazy, and downright stupid body trend known as the infamous 'thigh gap' came into our conscious via the world of social media, we gave an eye roll so big we thought our eyes might get stuck up there.

But here we are years later and this unattainable aesthetic still exists thanks to the 'fit fam' flooding our Instagram feeds with their (unwanted) ab spam, and image obsessed celebrities spending their life in the gym, posting selfies making us feel bad for our Netflix binge. As if the pressure to get 'summer body ready' wasn't great enough already.

One inspiring Instagram MUA is speaking out about this unrealistic pursuit of 'perfection', and she's getting ALL the claps for it. Poking fun at this warped 'mind the gap' phenomenon by creating some equally warped art, Nicole Kuppan (@nicolekuppanmua) has painted an impressive artwork on her thighs and we're totally here for it.

Her acrylic masterpiece is inspired by fellow arty female @_marija_filipovic_, and captioned: 'Trying to get that summer body like...' displaying our struggle at trying (and failing) to give up the pizza and get into shape, which is heightened around this time of year.

Attagirl! We're going to embrace our chaffing pins that little bit more now because of her.

What do you think of Nicole's art? Let us know your thoughts @SoFeminineUK

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Rose Adams
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