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Women Are Squishing Their Boobs Into Hearts On Social Media For No Apparent Reason

by Helen Turnbull ,
Women Are Squishing Their Boobs Into Hearts On Social Media For No Apparent Reason

I'm all for body-positive trends, although I'm yet to be so brave as to publicise my many imperfections on social media, but the latest one doing the rounds is a little more controversial than its predecessors. Women in China, and more specifically users of the social-media network Weibo, are celebrating what God gave them by squishing their boobs into adorable heart shapes for the world to see.

Women's nipples and social-media have a tumutulous relationship - hence the #freethenipple movement - in that it's near-on impossible for them to co-exist in the same place. The valid argument is that while men are allowed to flaunt their nips in all their pink and pointy glory on Instagram and the like, women are put on the proverbial naughty step if they dare to show one smidgen of lady nip. That's why I can't help but think this so-called body-positivity trend is not as progressive as its predecessors.

Women in China are showing their boobs some social-media love by squishing them into little heart shapes, ensuring their nipples are firmly concealed by their finger tips, and posting photos online for the world to see and admire.

Female Weibo users are taking part in the so-called 'heart-shaped boob challenge' for reasons which are so far not clear. The trend requires participants to squish their boobs using their fingers to make a little heart, hiding their nipples under their fingertips where they meet.

It might sound easy but I speak from practice - this is an impossible task if your boobs aren't perfectly proportioned i.e. your breasts are small and your nipples large. It's hardly all-inclusive which questions the message these girls are sending out to society - they're essentially promoting a conventional and out-dated beauty ideal, big breasts triumph, the exact thing we're trying to get away from in this day and age. SIGH.

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Helen Turnbull
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