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Quit The Bicep Curls 'Cos Spanx For Your Arms Is Here To Slim Down Your Bingo Wings

by Helen Turnbull ,
Quit The Bicep Curls 'Cos Spanx For Your Arms Is Here To Slim Down Your Bingo Wings

Ah, Spanx. The shapewear saviour that's saved our too-big-an-ass on many occasions and for that we're forever grateful. If you're an average-sized woman (that is, anything other than a size 8) it's likely you have a love-hate relationship with the slimming lingerie. Sure, it makes your butt look deceivingly Kardashian-like but hell is it uncomfortable.

So, you can imagine the horror when 'Spanx for your arms' landed in our inbox. Yup, quit with the bicep curls and the pretend push-ups because 'arm tights' are here to slim down your limbs so you don't have to.

It's no secret many women are insecure (no thanks to derogatory terms such as 'bingo wings') about their upper arms and in 100% of cases, there's no reason to be other than the patriarch telling you to be. Now, Spanx - a global fashion retailer that profits solely from women's body insecurities - is cashing in on yet another common hang-up. YAY for 2017.

The so-called 'arm tights' are actually a crop top, featuring a scoop neck and opaque, hosiery sleeves that promises to 'reinvigorate the versatility of your wardrobe'. The press release emphasises the practical qualities of the 'ultimate style solution', suggesting you pop it under a 'sexy slip dress' for a dressed-down, effortless look or under a sleeveless shift dress to give your office look a 'more formal tone'. But also confirms it's designed to smooth out bulk to give seamless coverage.

Spanx say the arm tights are a result of overwhelming consumer demand. If you're eager to try this new shape wear, you've got a choice of seven colours - from black to bright pink - but you'll have to wait until October 1st when they go on sale at House of Fraser.

​Is this slim-wear gone mad or is it the wardrobe essential you've been crying out for this whole time? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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