Third Trimester

39 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 39

So everyday I have the same ritual. The phone rings, and it's one family member or another asking: 'Have you had that baby yet?'. Obviously no is the answer but I laugh and then they kindly tell me: 'Well hurry up then'. And while I know everyone's excited and desperate to meet the new addition but I am well and truly fed up.

 - 39 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 39
39 weeks pregnant © AbleStock

Today is my due date and I was positive that I would never make it, as I was determined baby was going to be early. To be honest all the signs were there, lots of Braxton hicks and the early labor positioning of baby, even the midwife was convinced that we wouldn't have to go unto yet alone beyond the forty weeks.

So this week has been physically and emotionally draining. I have had period pains, an upset stomach, sickness and contractions which over the last week have got stronger and longer and closer together but then stop altogether!

It's emotionally draining as once it starts I have to think about my little boy and whether to call my poor sister to come over who has a newborn of her own, so I don’t want to disturb her and baby unnecessarily. It's also the fact that every time I think that I’m about to have the baby, I get so psyched up ready for the big push (literally and philosophically) and then it all stops.

Now they tell me that it's all the lead up to a quick delivery but I'm starting to doubt anything anyone says. There’s just no way of knowing sometimes.

I have tried everything suggested. Apparently relaxing is the key to bringing on a delivery or walking to bring on labor, hot baths, raspberry tea, pineapple slices, and still nothing. I am however starting to feel rough as the week has continued and have picked up a cold and sore throat all if which doesn't help to my general well-being.

We are also starting to get to the practical problems. My husband had to book his leave and paternity six months ago. He has had to go into work for several shifts whilst supposedly on leave, due to the lack of staff. And I’ve been as understanding as possible but as his leave is coming to the end I am resenting the urgent cover or the emails that have to be dealt with immediately.

But also if I don't have the baby in the next week, there is no cover for him so if we go as far as inducing date which he is technically back at work, well who knows what we will do. He's not worried as he knows that people will lend a hand if the situation gets to that point, as he has done more than his fair share of good deeds over our leave period, but it just puts an extra pressure on me.

Those that are pregnant will know that you’re never mentally practical or realistic especially when over your due date -the smallest stress becomes a disaster!

However I am glad he has been around. My hurricane son and him have had lots of fun and although I do my best to keep up with the walking, dancing and rolling around on the floor, mummy is a bit too slow now!

Anyway I have my sweep in three days with the midwife, and I will only describe it if I have to have it but I'm now going to repack my bag for the eighth time and walk up and down the stairs sideways, well it's worth a try!

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