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Men and diets


 - Men and diets
The classic scenario
Much to his disgust, a look in the mirror reveals his stomach isn't as flat as it was when he could be bothered to go to the gym. He pinches his love handles and grizzles about his expanding waistline in front of the mirror. This doesn't, however, stop him from having seconds at dinner or polishing off an entire packet of biscuits. Go on a diet? Oh no. It's the same with exercise: no matter how much he complains about being too flabby and unfit, he won't think about heading to the gym or hitting the pool.

Why does he do it?
> To get your attention

Criticising his body is often just a ploy to get our atttention: "it makes you notice us, hang up on your friend and drop us a few reassuring compliments," Adam points out.
"It reassures us that we're attractive," adds Phil. "Most of the time we don't really think what we're saying, and we're quite happy as we are. It's just a test."
> Because he lacks willpower
Men struggle to resist temptation. "If you put a chocolate cake or pizza in front of me, I'm like a little kid: I can't not have it," notes Phil. "What's more, the majority of women are the same: they spend their lives complaining about being too fat but don't do anything about it, so that gives us a good excuse..."

If you want change...
"We need motivation," claims Adam. Men don't watch their diet in the same way as women do, so they need a helping hand. "Put us on a diet, get rid of the biscuits from the cupboard and come running with us. We need to be forced!". Ladies, you know what to do...


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