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This New Eyebrow Stamp Will Give You Fleeky Brows In 3 Seconds Flat

by Rose Adams ,
This New Eyebrow Stamp Will Give You Fleeky Brows In 3 Seconds Flat

The Sugababes may have sang about pushing the button but when it comes to getting brows to make Cara Delevingne weep, it's all about pushing the stamp. Meet the innovative '3 Second Brow Stamp' that's set to save you time and money filling in those sparse patches where your brows once sat before you tried to imitate Christina Aguilera's pencil-thin Dirrty phase.

In our never-ending quest for getting back the thicker, perfect brows we lost to the Nineties and all that over enthusiastic plucking, we've tried it all; pencilling, brushing, stencilling, drawing, powdering and even microblading but despite all of this, getting perfect arches is still more difficult than resisting the urge to drunk text your ex, right?

But thankfully for us the beauty industry are forever coming up with new techniques and products to aid our search for those perfect facial caterpillars. This time it's our cousins across the pond who are at the helm with the '3 Second Brow Stamp'. This beauty innovation claims the brows of our dreams can be ours with the push of a single stamp.

Watch the demo here:


You simply select a stencil that best matches the natural set you were blessed with, from the either 'structured brow' or 'soft arch' included in the pack, then push the stamp into the brow powder to soak it up with colour. Then press onto your brows for three seconds and voila!

The harder you press, the more intense the colour, so be careful with this if the Scouse brow isn't a look you fancy copying.

Clever brow products always us make us say 'whoop' but brow products that also take us back to the days of GCSE textiles? Double whoop. We've got a feeling we might need a bit of practise before we're looking as fleecy as the girl in the advert though... Get the 3 second brow stamp to try for yourself here.

What do you think of the 3 second stamp? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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Rose Adams
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