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Is This $60,000 Diamond-Encrusted Manicure The Most Expensive Beauty Treatment In The World?

by Rose Adams ,
Is This $60,000 Diamond-Encrusted Manicure The Most Expensive Beauty Treatment In The World?

While we're out here feeling guilty handing over £30 for our monthly gel manicure, devout beauty fans in America are forking out an eye-watering $60,000 on a diamond-encrusted set, complete with gold leaf pedicures because this is 2017. If you ever needed proof the world has lost it, then this is it.

Does anyone else dread that moment when you arrive at the nail parlour for a fresh manicure, and you're presented with those all pretty colour wheels, with minutes to make a decision that feels as hard as picking who to vote for? And that's before nail art, gems and sparkles are added to the mix.

Spare a thought then, for the poor (insanely rich) customers at Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Southern California who have diamond-encrusted manicures on the menu, too. Their bespoke 'Glitz & Glamicure' service features a manicure with real diamonds and A-List treatment. Sound fabulous, right? But luxury comes at a price, and the treatment costs an eye-watering $60,000 which is equivalent to about £46,158 - the cost of a house deposit. Or if you're anything like us and understand maths better when it's explained in cute animal terms then that's about 30 Bengal cats.

Once you arrive for your treatment, the first step is consulting with a jeweller on which diamonds you would prefer, with each sparkling stone costing up to a mega $25,000, before the acrylic nails are applied (in exactly the same way they are in your local salon for under £50, might I add.) A polish of your choice is then applied for a glossy finish.

Finally, a hole is then drilled through the tip of the accent nail and the diamonds (we're talking engagement ring sized rocks) are placed in a pattern of your choice. Our palms are getting sweaty at just the thought.

But the grand treatment doesn't stop at your talons, oh no. Why not treat your tootsies too? The package also offers $1,000 gold leaf pedicures because why not adorn your feet in gold? A facial, massage, eyelash extensions, hair, make up and botox are also part of the costly package. They even close the salon to give you their undivided attention, which I suppose you would expect for that price. Has the world gone completely barmy?

So there you have it ladies, if you ever win the lottery, forget that mortgage, the costly cat or trip around the world, because apparently the first thing you should really do is a book a plane ticket to the US and get that diamond manicure you deserve. Because what else could you possibly spend $60k on, right? Just make sure you don't do a Kim Kardashian and drop them in the middle of the ocean.

Would you ever splash out £60,000 on a manicure? Let us know if you think this is luxury or crazy @SoFeminineUK

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Rose Adams
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