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Beauty Blogger Waxes Her Nose Hair And It's Making Our Eyes Water

by Pascale Day ,
Beauty Blogger Waxes Her Nose Hair And It's Making Our Eyes Water© instagram.com/makeupbysepi

First legs, then armpits, then bikini line, moustache, b-hole, fingers, toes, eyebrows. You'd think that after all those areas were 100% hair free there would be nothing left on your body to wax and by that time your body would be as smooth as a damn Barbie. But one blogger has proved there's still one place left to rip hair from...

Most of you probably haven't paid much attention to those teeny tiny hairs inside your nose. They are, after all, inside your nostrils and can't really be seen by the outside world. Long, thick nostril hairs are normally found on old men with equally whispy eyebrows - but we are not old men, so it's unlikely we need to wax our nostrils.

Sepi Balini, on the other hand, does not feel this way. The beauty blogger posted a video to her 83K followers on Instagram as she got her nose cavity waxed, with the caption: "You gotta do what you gotta do…NOSE HAIR BE GONE!"

The video shows Sepi at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon in Los Angeles as a beautician loads up her nose with wax on two wooden sticks before ripping them out. Sepi, it has to be said, doesn't even flinch and handles the whole waxing experience like an absolute pro, but that doesn't stop our eyes watering with sympathy pains.

But no matter how hairless you want your nose to be, nostril hairs actually have a crucial function, helping to stop foreign particles from entering your nasal cavity that would leave you open to a risk of infection - a point that critics were quick to point out to Sepi.

"Well she's going to get sick. Nose hairs help you from getting bacteria smh," said one viewer, while another added: "Wow. So much stupidity in one video."

Sepi was quick to respond though, editing her original caption to say: "I only wax the very front, I know the importance of nose hair."

Still, there's not really much need to wax even the front of your nostrils, especially if it risks your health. Is having a hair-free schnozz better than the risk of infection? We're not sure it is. I think we'll leave the eye-watering beauty treatments to Sepi this time.

What do you think about nostril waxing? Let us know! @soFeminineUK

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