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This Beauty Blogger Is Swapping Makeup Primer For Lube And The Results Are Surprising

by Rose Adams ,
This Beauty Blogger Is Swapping Makeup Primer For Lube And The Results Are Surprising

When it comes to genius makeup hacks, you can always rely on beauty bloggers to deliver the goods. But just when you thought nothing could trump the condom-covered Beauty Blender, they're now rubbing lube all over their cheeks - and I don't mean those cheeks either. Is this the greatest innovation since Deliveroo, or just a load of poppycock? Allow us to investigate...

In a world where you can no longer buy lunch for less than a fiver, we should thank our lucky stars beauty bloggers are here to help us save our precious pennies by showing us how bog-standard household items double up as makeup heroes. For example, how to use dental floss picks as blackhead removers or cutlery or er, boiled eggs for contouring.

What we're not so down with however is a hack involving rubbing lube all over our faces in replace of primer because ew. I am indeed talking about the same kind of jelly-like liquid usually reserved for easing experimental bedroom antics but according to big-name beauty blogger Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty, it works. She discovered the lubricant KY Jelly contains silicon which is an ingredient also commonly found in make up primers.

Beauty bloggers swapping their go-to beauty tools for unique replacements is nothing new. Remember when they swore by using condoms for contouring? Or a man's nether regions for blending foundation? But is there method to her madness? Er, yes there is actually. KY Jelly also contains glycerin which is another product popular in primers and is great for excessively-dry skin.

But how did it measure up to the job of holding the voluntary guinea pig's makeup in place? Huda found the lube made her skin feel sticky and didn't hold her foundation as well as she'd hoped, peeling off into little flakes like dry skin when powder was applied, despite initially gliding on well and hydrating the dry skin on her cheeks.

She also tried out Vagasil because why just save vaginal itching relief cream for your vagina, right? Huda discovered this worked much better than the lube as a makeup primer, holding her base in place while controlling oil levels and making her skin feel silky smooth. So now you know.

I think the moral of the story here is to perhaps keep the lube out of your makeup bag and safely in your bedroom drawer where it belongs. It may save you a couple of quid but we think we'll stick to good old fashioned primer.

Watch the full tutorial here:


Do you think this is gross or would you give it a go? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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