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Cat Ladies Listen Up: This Lip Gloss Makes You Feel Like You're Kissing Your Kitty's Nose

by Rose Adams ,
Cat Ladies Listen Up: This Lip Gloss Makes You Feel Like You're Kissing Your Kitty's Nose

If the thought of leaving your cat at home while you're out raking in those dollars makes you want to bury your head into your feline-print duvet, you will be thrilled to know you no longer have to. And you've got some fellow crazy cat ladies to thank for blessing you with this barmy lipgloss that makes you feel closer than ever to your kitty, even when the cat's away.

Feline fanatics listen up: what if I told you you no longer have to be separated from your furry, four-legged friend ever again? You'd be pretty happy, right? Well that could now be a reality (kind of) according to Japanese store Felissimo who claim to have created a product that mimics both the touch and scent of your moggy.

They are the brains behind Hin-Yari Ohana Lip Gloss - the lip colour which makes you feel as though you're actually kissing your cat's nose. Yes really. Apparently the gloss itself smells exactly like kitten milk and the rollerball applicator feels just like your furry friend's nose.

​They come in three colours: pale pink, orange and brown, and contain some pout-friendly ingredients too, including shea butter and hyaluronic acid, so the gloss will feed your cat obsession while moisturising your lips at the same time. Forget the hairbush flask, THIS is the beauty product we've been crying purring out for.

While we're aware the days of one-job products are a distant memory, what with them now offering a whole other heap of added benefits, like er, moisturisng your vagina lips (gulp) and tasting like red wine, this surely has to be the most bonkers of the bunch yet.

The brand currently only ships to Japan but we'll be keeping our paws crossed the UK is next 'cos anything that brings me closer to my feline friends sounds like the cat's whiskers (sorry) to me.

Would you want to purchase a Hin Yari lip gloss? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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Rose Adams
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