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#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Beauty's Big Sister Daisie Smith

by Lareese Craig ,
#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Beauty's Big Sister Daisie Smith

What she doesn't know about beauty, makeup and taking a flawless selfie really and simply isn't worth knowing. We sat down with YouTube beauty Daisie Smith from video blog Beauty's Big Sister to get the down low on all things important in life: Makeup trends, Instagram and bronzing palettes. Obviously.

Being a big sister is one huge responsibility but with her quick and easy tutorials and down to earth presenting style, Daisie Smith is nailing it at being the beauty role model to watch.

Making beauty an every day conversation and a world that's open to everyone to try, Beauty's Big Sister is your go-to video blog for real girl beauty talk. And lash envy. SO much lash envy.

Here's what the lovely Daisie Smith had to say about vlogging, summer makeup and future plans! She's like the sister you never had but always wanted #WereNotEvenSorry

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Why did decide to start Vlogging on YouTube?

My followers on Twitter and Instagram were asking me for beauty advice and for info on what beauty products I used, so I decided to start filming videos to let them into my beauty world. I'm a beauty journalist, so I had all the information, knowledge and beauty products to do it! It was quite daunting at first, but I've got used to having a chat with the camera and really enjoy vlogging!

How did you come up with the name?

I thought about where I would sit in the vlogging world, and although a lot of great beauty bloggers were sharing their thoughts and opinions on products, I felt there was a real need for a vlogger with a journalist background that young girls could still relate to. My aim for my channel, is to be the Big Sister of the beauty world.

What can people expect on your vblog?

You can expect to see some easy to follow, but effective beauty tutorials. I create my looks with products mainly bought on the highstreet and they're never too complicated, so anyone can follow them. I also vlog when something exciting is going on, and have some random funny videos on there too!

What's the best experience you've had through vlogging?

Going to Google! I've been down to Google HQ to film videos, for meetings and to seminars and I love it. Everybody is so helpful, friendly and they just want your channel to do well so they'll do all they can to help you. Not to mention the actual building... that's ridiculously cool.

What can we expect on your Instagram takeover?

A preview into a day of my life. I'll be showing you some of the beauty products I'm loving right now, a good selfie or two and some random pics of what I'm getting up to.

Who do you check in with every day on Instagram?

​I have tons of people who I follow on Instagram, and I go through my feed in the morning until I get to the photo I saw before I went to bed the night before. So I never really miss anything! I follow a mix of fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, magazines, brands and of course my friends.

What's been your most popular post/ the most meaningful thing that's happened to you on Instagram?

Ooh it's way too hard to choose a particular post! But the most meaningful thing that has happened is watching my following increase. It's the best feeling when you upload a photo and see that more people have followed you because of it.

What do you think will be the next big Insta trend?

Well, I'd absolutely love it to be my hashtag #beabigsister. I introduced this hashtag earlier on this year, when I was personally looking for inspirational, positive quotes and didn't really know where to look for them. I encourage people to use this hashtag when they're posting a positive quote, so if anyone is feeling down, or feeling low, they can search for this hashtag and see lots of inspiring, positive quotes to pick them up.

What top tips would you give for insta and vlogging success?

There's no real trick to success - I'm still trying to work it out myself if there is! But I think as long as you are motivated and inspired to create good content, then you will succeed. Just be yourself, work hard and it'll pay off.

What's your everyday makeup routine/ go to products?

Right now, I'm going for a natural summer makeup look. I've ditched my trusty liquid liner and swapped it for a Leather Effect Eyeshadow from Maybelline. You can watch how I create the look right here :


What are your top beauty/makeup tips?

Always apply your makeup in good lighting. It sounds obvious, but applying your makeup in a dark corner of your room will look completely different once you step out in daylight!

Also invest in a good set of makeup brushes because they really do make a difference to the finish of your makeup. I absolutely love Real Techniques; the quality of the brushes is amazing! Oh, and I always have a pot of Vaseline by the side of my bed - I put it on my lips, eyelashes and eyebrows before I go to bed every night.

What do you think will be trending next in the makeup world?

I loved the double-flick eyeliner backstage at Anna Sui AW15, so I really hope this trend takes off. It's SO simple to do and looks amazing too.

How you would describe your makeup and fashion style?

I'd say I'm quite classic - I like things quite pared back and chic. Day to day, I usually wear a shirt and jeans or a simple dress with lots of mascara, a nude lip and a bit of bronzer. For evening, I love a lace dress with a bronze smokey eye and glossy lips.

What influences who you follow on Insta?

I love to follow accounts who capture beautiful photos in the way they set up their photos, the lighting they capture their photos in, the way they style them and the captions they use.

How difficult is it to stand out in the pool of vloggers?

Hard! YouTube is overflowing with extremely talented vloggers, so it's definitely difficult to stand out.

Fave beauty buys?

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation is my go-to base - I've used it for years! My Shu Uemura eyelash curlers come everywhere with me, and I've always got a million mascaras in my makeup bag. Right now, I'm loving Benefit's Rollerlash Mascara - the brush is amazing!

I use Benefit's Dallas Bronzer for day and for evening I love Revlon's Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow. Nars Orgasm Highlighter is amazing for nailing the new strobing trend, and L'Oreal's Color Riche Lipstick in Beige A Nu is my absolute fave.

What's next for Daisie and Beauty's Big Sister?

Lots! I'm going freelance with my beauty and fashion writing, so I'm able to work across different publications whilst also being able to concentrate fully on my video and presenting career. I'm also launching my website and blog daisysmith.com - so keep an eye out for weekly beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts on there! And of course, lot's of new exciting videos are coming up on my YouTube channel, Beauty's Big Sister, too.

Final words of advice/top tips?

Don't be disheartened if you don't succeed at the first hurdle! I think people see YouTubers and think that they're instantly going to be the next big thing if they give it a go too.

Well, you might be - but chances are, you've got to work hard and put in the time, effort and passion to be successful with your content. As long as you enjoy what you do, that'll come across in the content you produce.

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