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This Is What The Biggest Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Looked Like Before They Were Famous

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Is What The Biggest Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Looked Like Before They Were Famous© Zoella/Twitter

In a world where we're inclined to edit 99.99% of everything we post online within an inch of its life, it's hard to remember what life was before the Instagram era. Bloggers are the biggest culprits of this habit, presenting a picture-perfect snapshot of their lives, leaving us questioning the Instagrammablity of our own. Luckily for us, the Internet never forgets and we've delved deep into the archives to see just how much Zoella and gang have come since their embarrassing teenage years.

Zoella is unarguably the biggest British social-media star of our time. The 27-year-old - whose full name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg - has contributed immeasurably to the blogging network blowing up in the way it has over the past five years. Zoella has not only built a mass and very loyal following since starting out in 2009 but she's built a Kardashian-style business empire - which includes a make-up line, homeware collection and fiction-book series - on what started out as a place to publish the aspiring writer's content. While the social-media sensation's many channels make it easy to think she's always lived a picture-perfect life, the archives reveal she too went through embarrassing fashion phases as a teenager - and she's not the only one.

We've scrolled back through 10 of Britain's biggest fashion and beauty bloggers' social-media history to uncover what the stars were like before they were famous. Enjoy!

Zoella before she was famous © Zoella/Twitter
Zoella before she was famous
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