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You Can Now Match Your Mani To Your Jeans With Denim Nails

by Pascale Day ,
You Can Now Match Your Mani To Your Jeans With Denim Nails© instagram.com/mpnails

Some of us love to match our manis to our outfits. A summery yellow sundress needs an equally bright nail to complete the mood, whereas a dreary winter's day requires a coat of sleek grey. But what if you're one of those people who just loves to live in jeans? Well, these manis have got you covered.

How many pairs of jeans do you have in your wardrobe right now? Go check - we'll wait. I bet it's a fair few right? Because a good piece of denim is just something you can't live without, especially in the summer months. I mean honestly, what's better to wear to an evening barbecue than a stretchy pair of cut-offs?

And who says our love of jeans has to stop at just our sartorial choices? Perhaps it's Instagrammers getting in the fourth of July spirit, but right now the 'gram is choc-a-bloc with the denim nail trend. The jean mani can be anything you want it to be - like a dark blue number? Done. Prefer your denim with a little bit of texture? You can totally do that too.

Denim nails are actually not a new thing - Topshop brought out a denim polish collection last year to match every shade of Joni jean you own - but with nail art becoming more and more creative everyday, the added texture and ever teeny tiny 'rips' in the polish make these manis the latest trend that we're dying to experiment with.

If you fancy giving the look a go yourself, nail artist Miss Pop gave Allure a sneak peek into how it's done: "Miss Pop started off by painting Michelle's nails with a dark blue nail polish," said writer Devon Abelman. "Then, she stippled a light blue shade over it to mimic the faded texture of blue jeans. To really make the nail art look like your favorite pair of jeans, Miss Pop drew on rips and frays with white nail polish."

So whatever your taste in denim, there's a mani out there to suit everyone. Check out the best ones below!

Will you be trying the denim manicure? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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