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Empowering Makeup Tutorial Shows Us How We Should REALLY Put On Our Face

by Lareese Craig ,
Empowering Makeup Tutorial Shows Us How We Should REALLY Put On Our Face© Youtube

Watching makeup tutorials is every girl's favourite way of procrastinating but here's one video you'll wanna pay full attention to. Anna Akana goes way beyond talking contouring and smokey eye techniques. She's got us thinking about everyday makeup routines and... FEELINGS. As in the things behind the makeup. It's just beautiful. Watch it.

  1. · Optimism
  2. · Don't Give a F**K About Outcomes
  3. · Thoughts
  4. · Blending
  5. · Kindness
  6. · What are you saying?
  7. · Self-esteem

Just when we thought this was just another one of those before and after transformations, Anna Akana bucks the trend with her take on how we SHOULD put on our face in the morning.



You heard the girl. No amount of lipstick can hide a negative mind. Strike a balance between being positive and expecting too much, that way you'll be smiles all round.

Don't Give a F**K About Outcomes

Those little things called outcomes, consequences, results... yeah forget about them. Live in the moment and try not to get caught up in what ifs.


Anna has a point, if we spent as much time aligning, shaping and filling in our thoughts as we do our brows then we'd be SO much happier. Go to 1minute 11seconds - seriously - we need to meet this woman.


Have you got the emotional, physical, spiritual thing all balanced out? If you haven't, (you're not alone) put down your egg shaped sponge immediately and go get your zen.


What would the world be like if we were constantly trying to 'out-kind' one another? Being kind costs nothing so why is it so hard for some of us to give even an inch of ourselves away? PS when she swears? It's the best thing ever.

What are you saying?

Sometimes we talk just for the sake of talking and sometimes we're nasty about others just so we feel like we belong. If you could stop and look back at what you're saying would you be proud? Damn this girl's good.


Sure, we should take care of what's on the outside because, let's face it, when our eyelashes look longer we generally feel happier. But working on what's underneath can make us feel even better.

Bravo Anna. Your work here is done.

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