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This Woman's Eyelash Extensions Gave Her A Nasty Skin Infection And It Should Be A Warning To Us All

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Woman's Eyelash Extensions Gave Her A Nasty Skin Infection And It Should Be A Warning To Us All

Nothing makes you feel like a queen quite like a fresh set of falsies and the little luxury of not having to mindlessly apply layers of mascara for a few weeks is one that's underrated. But one woman is warning of the possible risks associated with eyelash extensions after her latest set of lashes left her with a nasty skin infection which the offending salon shockingly dismissed as 'teenage acne'.

Once you try eyelash extensions, you'll never go back but one woman's unfortunate experience may make you think twice about booking your next appointment. Kaity Hull from Melbourne, Australia, is hoping to spread awareness of the possible risks associated with applying false eyelashes by sharing her story after her latest set left her feeling as though her "face was on fire".

The 21 year old told the tale to her local newspaper, revealing how the falsies had caused her face to break out in a sore rash. She told the Maroondah Leader: "I had to take off my make-up because my face was burning and it felt like it was on fire. When I woke up the next morning I noticed tiny white boils across my face and went to the doctor who diagnosed me with staphylococcus." Staphylococcus is also known as a staph infection and is bacterial based. It can cause acne, Toxic Shock Syndrome and septicaemia as well as a range of other ailments.

What's more shocking than Kaity's unsightly rash is that when her mother contacted the salon to inform them her daughter had suffered an allergic reaction to the treatment and needed to come back in to have the lashes removed, they dismissed it as "teenage acne". Environmental health officers have since inspected the salon, banning it from carrying out any more eyelash applications until the council have ensured it complies with the required hygiene policies.

Kaity said she had been left traumatised by the experience, adding: "I’m just so distraught by the whole experience and she hasn’t even had the decency to offer me an apology." She has since been given a refund by the salon in question and rightly so but no amount of money can make up for her suffering. Obviously, Kaity's story is just one example and dermatologists are keen to emphasise staphylococcus is easily stopped in its track in a beauty-salon environment. It's worth reading up on past customers' experiences when choosing which salon to have any sort of treatment.

Will this woman's story make you think twice about booking your next eyelash extension appointment?

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