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A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender And It's Low-key Nuts

by Helen Turnbull ,
A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender And It's Low-key Nuts© Johnna

What's a girl to do when her beauty blender is nowhere to be seen? The normal, logical thing is to use anything that closely resembles your make-up bag staple. Rather than ruining one of her precious bras and using the silicone pad to apply her make-up or you know using an old foundation brush, Johnna Hines resorted to using her boyfriend's BALLS to blend her base and we can't cope.

Johnna Hines will forever be known as the girl who made beauty tutorials X-rated. The 18 year old from Central Florida is blowing up the Internet after she enlisted the help of her boyfriend's genitalia when applying her foundation recently. She shared video evidence of the 'romantic' ritual on Twitter and people are equally grossed out and entertained.

Johnna was messing around with her 20-year-old boyfriend Damon Richards when the horrifying but genius idea came to her. He was fresh out the shower so germaphobes can rest safe in the knowledge his balls were squeaky clean - so much so he started putting them on her head. Young love, eh?

"I made a joke about using them as a beauty blender and we literally just looked at each other and started laughing and made the video from there," the overnight star told Buzzfeed News.

WARNING: the below video contains graphic images.

The reaction has been mixed with many rushing to @ Johnna on Twitter with their disgust, amusement or congratulations. Here's some examples:

While she's received many a nasty tweet, the American teen couldn't be less bothered, tweeting: "I'm sad for the ppl who are genuinely upset about this because u clearly haven't reached this level of comfort in ur life and that just sucks (sic)."

Has Johnna inspired you to replace your beauty blender with your boyfriend's balls or is this a beauty balls up? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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