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People Are Rubbing Their Bums In Glitter 'Cos Festival Season

by Helen Turnbull ,
People Are Rubbing Their Bums In Glitter 'Cos Festival Season

Glitter trends come and go but we reckon sticking sparkles on your bum cheeks will have some staying power this summer. Prepare yourself for the incoming mass of shiny bottoms that'll clutter your Instagram feed and obstruct your real-life view of X headline act at Y festival come June.

In today's beauty-trends-gone-too-far news we bring you glitter bums and it's exactly what you think it is - people are rubbing their backsides in sparkles, all in the name of Instagram likes. While 2016 will go down in history as the year that brought us bejewelled boobies - a trend appropriately nicknamed disco t*ts - 2017 sees glitter make its way down our bodies to our butts.

The glitter booty is the creative genius of a UK-based glitter shop (so high is the demand for glitter in this country, there's a whole shop dedicated to the trend) The Gypsy Shrine who are dedicated to making the sun shine out of your arse this summer. The brand's Instagram account is littered with images of perfectly pert, shiny bottoms providing all the inspiration you could possibly need to re-create this look using bum-friendly glue, your bare hands and a sh*tload of sparkles.

Mia Kennington - who is an artist at The Gypsy Shrine - came up with the idea after being inspired by the familiar feeling of standing up after spending the day sitting on the beach in your bikini bottoms only to find your butt covered in sand. And we're inclined to agree that although glitter is a prettier alternative how much more comfortable is it?

The Gypsy Shrine pride themselves on 'turning free spirits into colourful works of art' and offer a whole variety of glitter-application services, including hair, face and even boobs. They'll be making their way around the festival circuit this summer so you too will be able to shake your glitter booty for all of Instagram to see. But if you can't wait until then, they've shared some tips on how to do a decent DIY job.

1. Apply hair gel to the area - it acts as a glue
2. Use a paintbrush to slap on the sparkle - the more the merrier
3. Add gems if you so desire
4. Use hairspray or make-up setting spray to fix the design in place
5. Pull on your shortest short shorts and shake your booty.

Will you be joining the glitter-bum party this summer? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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