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These Glow Job Highlighters Are The X-rated Beauty Product Your Make-up Bag Is Missing

by Helen Turnbull ,
These Glow Job Highlighters Are The X-rated Beauty Product Your Make-up Bag Is Missing© Bitch Slap Cosmetics/Instagram

In today's the-beauty-industry's-gone-mad news I bring you Kama Sutra-themed highlighters. Getting lit just got X-rated thanks to these new compacts which feature a man receiving oral sex among other popular sex positions, including the standard Missionary and the more adventurous Llévame - that's 'Carry Me' to me and you.

Bloggers, makeup artists and beauty brands alike are on a collective mission to break the boundaries of beauty norms and it seems their ambition grows as each day passes. Today we bring you Kama Sutra-themed highlighter compacts which have been appropriately named 'Glow Jobs' and are the realisation of Bitch Slap Cosmetics' dirty mind.

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The brand may ring a bell: they're the purveyors of penis-themed beauty products whose phallic lipsticks and highlighters have penetrated Instagram feeds everywhere in recent months. The cult American cosmetic line has enlarged its offerings to include gothic-style, X-rated highlighters designed to make your skin glow brighter than your future. The wheels are embossed with a man receiving oral sex which is surrounded by amorous figures acting out popular positions from the Kama Sutra.

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If the Glow Job doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe their line of Pussy Glow compacts will. Bitch Slap Cosmetics believe men and women were created equal and so for every penis-shaped item, there's a vagina equivalent, including Pussy Glow highlight wheels which come in two varieties: one plain pussy or many tiny versions.

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Highlighter compacts aren't the only make-up bag essential BSC have managed to sex up, extending their efforts to a range of phallic-shaped lipsticks and balms - which are freakishly life like - in a range of bright and nude colours, there's even a black version. They too are appropriately named 'Big Daddy' and 'Mandingo', respectively.

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Will you be investing in a Glow Job or a Pussy Glow? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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