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This 15 Year Old Boy Is Using His iPhone To Apply His Fleeky Makeup

by Rose Adams ,
This 15 Year Old Boy Is Using His iPhone To Apply His Fleeky Makeup

This 15 year old boy is better at doing makeup than we could ever dream, and we ain't even mad - he's certainly teaching us a lesson or two in contouring. But when it comes to his tool kit of choice, we've got a lot of questions. He's using his beautiful rose gold iPhone as a palette to mix his foundation and highlighter, and we can't help but squirm at the thought...

Living in today's 'throwaway' society, we all know the importance of trying to cut back on buying things we don't need, and finding new and innovative uses for things we already own. Why buy mixing palettes, sponges, or beauty blenders for example, when you can just use other things to mix and apply your foundation with, like condoms, eggs, cutlery or even your boyfriend's balls perhaps, no?

With this in mind, you'd think it would make perfect sense to repurpose the one thing we can't live without; our beloved smartphones, and that's exactly what 15-year-old American beauty blogger Jake Warden is championing. He's found a new use for his iPhone in his latest beauty vid and unsurprisingly, it's gone viral.

Check it out:

A post shared by Jake Warden (@jakewarden) on Apr 28, 2017 at 10:37am PDT

The vid shows him getting his makeup and contouring on point using the unusual rose gold prop as a palette to mix his foundation with highlighter, before blotting his sponge in the mix to get that highlight popping. Now I know what you're all thinking: does it work? Is it hygienic or is this just a break out waiting to happen? And (most importantly) will it damage my link to the outside world? There's just SO MANY QUESTIONS.

While it's unclear if this would actually cause any damage to your beloved iPhone, what we do know is that your phone harbours an incredibly high amount of bacteria and dirt, so we wouldn't recommend you ditch your existing palette or sponge in favour of this crazy hack.

If you really must try it out, then it is absolutely essential that you give it a thorough wipe down with an anti-bacterial wipe to get rid of any nasties before applying them to your face and causing an unwanted breakout.

Now I'm all for saving the planet but I'll be honest here, the germophobe in me is screaming to just file this as another 'odd beauty blogger trend that is impractical in real life.' Top marks for creativity Jake, but I think I'll stick to using the back of my hand for now!

Would you ever try this crazy beauty hack? Let us know your thoughts @SoFeminineUK!

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