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This Plus-sized Model Has An Awesome Solution To Outgrowing Her Clothes

by Pascale Day ,
This Plus-sized Model Has An Awesome Solution To Outgrowing Her Clothes© Instagram/jobybach

Sometimes it's hard to accept that our favourite item of clothing no longer fits - we go through all five stages of grief when chucking out tops that are too small and ill-fitting jeans. But not Joby Bach. Nope, the plus-sized model has found a thrifty way to re-use all those clothes that no longer fit her - and it'll have you wishing you paid attention in your school textile classes...

Ill-fitting clothes are the bane of a woman's life. Jeans don't fit hips or shirts don't fit boobs and us curvy girls can't catch a break! See, even though there's plenty of plus-sized ladies out there, and they are - thank the lord - becoming more accepted in fashion and media as each day passes, it's still kind of impossible to find items of clothing that'll fit all our junk in its trunk.

So when Canadian plus-sized model Joby Bach realised she could no longer fit into her bodysuit, she took those lemons and made lemonade. Because if something doesn't fit, we don't change our bodies - we change the clothes.

I think we can all feel Joby's pain over a too-small bodysuit - they often are so tiny that I wonder whether they are actually a torture device used to cut off the blood supply to our vaginas. But Joby's self-confessed "big booty problem" has an easy solution - that teeny-tiny bodysuit is now a cute crop top.

Joby's followers have praised her bold move, with one saying: "Thank you for being a role model to so many like me... I have hated my body for so long thinking it isn't pretty....but your body is like mine and you are so beautiful!! Thank you for this inspiration and helping me learn to love my body!!!" Joby really is an inspiration, both in body and sartorial spirit. Now excuse us, it's time to go and give all our too-small tops the chop.

What do you think of Joby's bodysuit adjustments? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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