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This Lego Makeup Brush Cleaning Hack Will Change Your Life

by Rose Adams ,
This Lego Makeup Brush Cleaning Hack Will Change Your Life

Forget splashing your cash on fancy makeup brush cleaning lotions and potions because the best thing to keep those bristles hygienic and germ-free has actually been hiding in the er, toy box all along. Yep, get ready to raid your loft and rekindle your love for the colourful buildable plastic that defined our childhood because this beauty hack is a total game changer.

Along with getting our ends trimmed and visiting the dentist's chair, washing our makeup brushes is one of those annoying tasks we know we should do more often but still put off for as long as physically possible. Because cleaning the sh*t out of those foundation and flat eyeshadow bristles takes time and that's time we'd rather spend binge watching Orange Is The New Black tbh.

But as far as important tasks go, keeping makeup brushes clean and germ-free each week should be up there with paying the gas bill, to keep them and our skin in tip-top condition, and preventing any breakouts from festering nasties. Ah if only there was a way to make this dreaded task easier, aye? Well now there is beauty fans, and it lies in er, Lego.

According to one clever Reddit user, those colourful bricks you spent building in your childhood also make for the perfect makeup brush cleaner palette. The technique? Simply swirl the bristles on the legos' bumps and grooves, with water and your preferred cleaning soap (I swear by baby shampoo FYI) and there you have it.

The raised plastic allows the brushes to be better cleaned compared to the palm your hand or another more expensive silicone brush cleaning pad which could set you back around £20.



The best thing about this hack (other than it's low cost) is that the little grooves means it dries extra quickly too, unlike the silicone versions where soapy suds can get caught on the individual cells.

I don't know about you, but I'm off to raid my parents' loft *prays mum kept it for the grandkids*

Will you be trying out this beauty hack? Let us know @SoFeminineUK

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