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This 'Lit' Makeup Hack Is As Dangerous As It Looks

by Rose Adams ,
This 'Lit' Makeup Hack Is As Dangerous As It Looks

When it comes to getting experimental with makeup tips and tricks, beauty bloggers are forever at the forefront - no matter how crazy - but hasn't anyone ever told this brave lady that if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned?

As we all know by now, bloggers are never afraid to push the potential pain and danger boundaries in order to discover exciting new beauty hacks to get our makeup on point and our skin glowing, just look at the charcoal face mask challenge for starters.

It seems no beauty hack is crazy enough or dangerous enough to try and, to quote our favourite N-Dubz hit, these Insta famous MUAs just keep playing with fire. It's all about racking up those views and tbh, we're the ones sat here writing about it so, as winning formulas go, it kinda works.

Flame haired beauty blogger @ruartistry is at the helm of this quite frankly frightening trick, using the naked flame of a lighter SUPER close to her face, with the aim of warming up the hard nib of her new concealer to soften it for easier application.

We like the idea behind this hack and it does seem to work well, but putting it into practice in our own bedrooms? We're a little apprehensive a) because our H&M cushions are really quite pretty and b) because we want to keep our face out of harm's way. Please just think for a second before you go all Eve on us putting your lighters up, 'cos you could just end up with you burning off all your lashes.

Surely leaving your concealer to soften up in the sun will have the same effect, no? Just a suggestion.

Do you think this make-up hack is crazy? Let us know your thoughts @SoFeminineUK

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