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Stop Everything! There's Finally A Beauty Subscription Box For Dark Skin

by Lareese Craig ,
Stop Everything! There's Finally A Beauty Subscription Box For Dark Skin

For all those times we're scared to commit to full-size beauty, there's beauty subscription boxes, but for women of colour there's been no such luxury. Until now. Essence BeautyBox debuts next month in the states and it's about time. Here's to starting the day without having to mix four foundations and seven nude lipsticks.

Beauty subscriptions boxes are nothing new but so far there's yet to be anything groundbreaking for women with darker skin tones. Introducing Essence BeautyBox.

Curated by the beauty experts at US based Essence Magazine, a box of hand-picked goodies specifically tailored for women of colour can now be delivered to your door each month. Breakthrough moment right there.

Subscribers will receive five products to enjoy from industry favourites including Smashbox and L'Occitane and up-and-coming, independent black-owned businesses.

As well as unboxing your beauty buys on a monthly basis, you can also read up on all the latest tips and tricks from the makeup pros themselves. Nice touch!

Essence, which has a primarily black readership, says this launch is about inspiring women to discover beautiful, soulful, colourful beauty tailored to her individual needs. Whether than be trying to find a foundation to match her skin tone or something to treat her hair.

Essence's Beauty & Style Director, Pamela Edwards Christiana told BuzzFeed Life, “When you think about beauty boxes that cover all categories — skincare, color, hair — most likely, for an African-American woman who’s subscribed to one, she’s probably going to find at least one thing that doesn’t work for her whether because of skin color or because of the hair situation.

“With that in mind, does she want to pay for a subscription to a box — no matter how great it may be — if out of six things, two of them she probably will give away? We thought this is a really good opportunity for us to have a truly curated box so she has all categories and we also get to highlight entrepreneurial black-owned businesses. … So she’s getting not just what’s new and launches but also being educated and inspired at the same time.”

An introduction to the Essence BeautyBox!


Be confident, be you! The first Essence BeautyBox will be available from October and is priced at $15 (approx. £10). Sadly. they're not shipping to the UK shores just yet, but when they do we will be putting in our order stat!

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