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The Hottest Tried And Tested Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

by Tolani Shoneye Published on 19 October 2015
The Hottest Tried And Tested Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

Pink lipstick, it's pretty, feminine and a super hot make-up look but trying to find the right shade for dark skin can prove difficult at best. Go for the wrong shade and you can end up looking pale and washed out. Nobody wants that. So to avoid you looking crazy in these streets, we have decided to try and test a range of pink lipsticks.

Pink lipstick has earned it's place in the classics list, it's a youthful look that works great on all women, regardless of their age.

So to help you achieve the perfect pretty in pink look, we speak to Sleek's Makeup Artist Olivia Brown, who gives us the low down, on what to look for when picking a pink shade for dark skin tones.

"Dark skin tones look great in darker pinks or any pink shade with purple undertone. Due to the warm yellow undertones of dark skin, pinkish-reds are not advisable as it will make the skin look pale. A hot pink lipstick works amazing on dark skin, and it makes for a bold statement look."

Olivia also tells us the three steps to apply the pink pout.

1. Conceal

You should always apply a concealer to avoid the natural lip pigments showing through. Use a brush to conceal or prime before the application of the pink lip colour.

2. Apply

Always apply two layers for effective appearance. Blot the first layer using a tissue before putting the second layer. This helps prevent the colour from streaking and wearing off.

3. Eye Makeup

To make the lips really pop, be sure to apply a tame eye makeup look, like a subtle feline flick. This not only adds definition to your face shape but also makes your lip colour to appear vibrant.

So now we know the dos and don't, here's how we got on trying some pink hues. Expect to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

Illamasqua Atomic

The Best Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

Well it doesn't get much pinker than this. The Illamasqua Atomic colour is a rich fuchsia violet tone that *really* pops on dark skin. It has a slight iridescent sheen finish that actually looks pretty good and although it might sound scary, it's totally wearable.

NYX Louisiana

The Best Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

This is pink lip goals for me. It's the muted pink lip look that I have been trying to achieve for so long, and finally someone has delivered. Thanks NYX! Although it looks scary bright, when applied it was just right. It's the perfect flirty colour...you know, pink makes the boys wink and all that.

L'oreal Fuschia Drama

The Best Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

On a scale of one to June Sarpong circa 2003, this is definitely full-on June and for me, that's just not a great look...The colour is lovely, it works well with my skin tone but the shine - I am not here for the shine. Although I am not a fan of the lip gloss look, the L'oreal Fuschia Drama is the perfect cocktail of lipstick, lipgloss and balm if that's your sort of thing.

Benefit Talk Flirty

The Best Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

I love this colour but I'm also a little scared of it, it's a matte pink lipstick. The thought of my lips looking dry and washed out fills me with genuine fear. This is one shade that I am not sure suits me but I'm going to wear it anyway. Shade, aside this lipstick is SO GOOD! It glides on easily and gives great coverage.

No7 Deeply Pink

The Best Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

On paper this is the ideal colour for dark skin girls. The No7 Deeply Pink has purple under tones, making it the perfect for all this melanin. I just feel it might be a little on the bright side for me.

Burt's Bees Hawaiian Smolder

The Best Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

And the winner is.... Burt's Bees Hawaiian Smolder. The lip crayon is the perfect everyday pink lip, it glides on and stays on, it gives great colour without being too full on. Round of applause for Burt's Bees.

And if you need more pink lip inspirations, here are 10 dark skin girls rocking pink lip perfection

The Best Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin © brown-princess.tumblr.com

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