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Plus-Size Model Denise Bidot Explains Why Curves Don't Make You Unhealthy

by Lareese Craig ,
Plus-Size Model Denise Bidot Explains Why Curves Don't Make You Unhealthy

It might be impossible for some people to get their heads around the idea but believe it or not curvy girls are healthy too. They work out, they eat green and lean, they put their backs into it and yet plus size beauty Denise Bidot still finds herself defending her body shape on a daily basis. *eye roll* Something about it being impossible to be curvy and healthy. Well, she. Told. Them.

We all know society's idea of beauty is somewhat jaded, but thanks to plus size models and real women talking out about body confidence in all sizes, that's slowly starting to change.

Denise Bidot one of the most well known faces in industry, not to mention one of the most beautiful, is firmly on the case. She still finds herself having to justify, explain and defend her body shape in interview after interview, which is why she's setting the record straight on curvy once and for all.

"I think there is such a huge misconception that we are unhealthy or that we don't work out as much as we should or even so much—I get asked all the time that we don't look the same as straight-sized models and I am like 'why does it have to be a versus'. Why does it have to be straight size vs plus-sized.

"I think it is one big industry. I am doing amazing things. I have to say we work out, we run around town, we most of the time are traveling so it's hard not to be running through airports. We are just us."

So, just to clarify, curvy and healthy does exist after all - and we're totally here for it.

plus size model denise bidot
plus size model denise bidot
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She goes on to explain that even as a model you have to learn to embrace your flaws and love the skin you're in, in spite of those insecurities.

"I'm a woman—I'd be lying if I said I didn't have insecurities. I am a mother, I had a daughter and it's amazing for any mum out there you know how that changes your physicality. For a very long time I was super insecure about my stretch marks and I would go out on casting and every time it was lingerie I would be wearing high-waisted, I would never show my belly. It's so crazy how that has this power over you and at one point I started realising, when i started getting the woman crush Wednesdays from all the girls and how they were empowered by my images and I thought wow these girls get it."

I mean she is just cup your boobs kinda good isn't she?! We couldn't have put it better ourselves D!

Watch Denise talk about what beauty means to her!

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plus size model denise bidot
plus size model denise bidot
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