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Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Red Lip

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Red Lip

The hunt for the perfect red lipstick is a task that for most beauty lovers and lipstick obsessives will seemingly never be complete. For some, a classic red lip is an everyday staple and a confidence booster and for others it's the perfect way to take your boring office getup from desk side to bar side. Always willing to do our bit for the cause, we tested out Lord & Berry's 20100 Lip Crayon in Scarlett to see if we could finally put an end to the search...

  1. · Lareese - Editor
  2. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  3. · Helen - Social Media Editor
  4. · Rose - Social Media Assistant
  5. · Pascale - Digital Writer

Lareese - Editor

Ever since I was a nipper I've been obsessed with stationary. Notepads, pencils, gel pens, crayons... you see where I'm going with this. Then I hit my teens and replaced my Stabilo highlighter with, well, highlighter for my cheeks and 10 layers of foundation, so now the beauty world is becoming one with the stationary world, I can officially die happy. You see, there's little else in this that makes me happier than a chunky lip crayon. Apart from dogs, they make me pretty happy.

Lord & Berry's 20100 Lip Crayon is hydrating and nourishing without scrimping on colour. I normally find lip crayons to be the less shouty version of lipstick but in this case, introverts just won't do. The colour is intense in all the right ways, long-lasting and smooth - let's face it, there's nothing worse than a lipstick with more crumble than Aunt Bessie. I even road tested it on some Espresso Martinis at the weekend and my lips still looked totally sober come 1am. What WH Smith is for my stationary, Lord & Berry is for my makeup, so naturally, I'll be keeping this one a well guarded secret in my pencil case forever more.

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

I won't lie I tend to steer away from red lips and stick to pinky nudes because that's just what I've always thought suits me. I may be slightly scarred by that time in uni when I wore a black lace bodycon dress on a night out with a Barry M Matte Lip Paint in Pillarbox Red (oh 2011, you seem so long ago) and the photos that surfaced on Facebook the next day weren't pretty. It was less seductive vixen and more little girl playing dress up. Anyway, I was willing to give the Lord & Berry crayon a go on the off chance that it might finally turn me in to the sophisticated red lipped goddess I was aiming for all those years ago...

What's great about the Lord & Berry crayons is that they are SO easy to apply. They go on really smoothly and are highly pigmented so you don't need to keep layering it on for a good colour pay-off. The Scarlett shade is, as expected, a true red that I imagine would suit most skin tones. It's so fuss-free and long-lasting that I didn't need to worry about it smudging across my face à la The Joker, which was a huge bonus. I'm not sure red is going to be my go-to lip shade for every day but if I'm feeling a little fancy of an evening then this is going to be the one that I'm reaching for.

Helen - Social Media Editor

Every girl has their own go-to red lipstick - mine was Mac’s Russian Red until it fell victim to drunkness and was lost in the abyss of a night out never to be seen again. Ever since I’ve been relying on a cheaper alternative but no less faithful Barry M’s Pillar Box Red which I've used to death, hence why I was more than happy to sample something new in the form of Lord & Berry's 20100 Lip Crayon in Scarlett. I'm a little shy when it comes to crayons - their chunkiness is somewhat intimidating to someone whose makeup skills are minimal - but this makes for fuss-free and flawless application, even to someone's who's an amateur.

The point is fine and the shade as scarlett as they come - it's a rich, intense red which means you can rest assured it'll last all night without you having to relentless top it up. Although it's a fail-safe product, it won't be replacing my go-to lipsticks but I'd definitely use it again.

Rose - Social Media Assistant

I really enjoy a red lip. A look as classic and statement as they come, if I'm running late and haven't had time to apply the rest of my face, a slick of red on my lips is all I need to feel ready to conquer the day. It is for this reason that red lippy is a staple in both my desk drawers and my handbag for those times in need. But finding one that won't budge is tricky, I know this 'cos I've tried a few, but I am pleased to say Lord & Berry stays put, and I believe that's down to its dreamy, creamy formula. The crayon design makes it easy to use too; you can literally draw on your lips and pretend you're back at school which is always a bonus, 'cos who doesn't miss the days of packed lunches and P.E right? Lord & Berry meet your new home: my makeup bag.

Pascale - Digital Writer

I have to admit, I love a lip crayon. Crayons are basically made for babies to colour in with because they're so damn easy to use - as is this adult crayon. I find lipsticks and liquid lipsticks intimidating, I fall prey so easily to smudging because I'm bad at putting them on and find it hard to stay within the lines. But this lip crayon is a piece o' cake. There's no wrong way to put it on. You could probably get an actual toddler to put it on for you and it would still look good. Red lips are scary to do, but even the drunkest version of you can put this on without a hitch, trust me. I've tried it.

We will be giving 5 full-sized Lord & Berry Lip Crayon's away this week on Experts Club

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Victoria Williams
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