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The Hottest Makeup Trends For Spring Summer 2015

by Lareese Craig Published on 18 August 2015

From unkempt, Cara Delevingne eat your heart out brows to bold black eyeliner Alexa Chung would be proud of, what SS15 trends can we steal for ourselves this season? Here's the ultra wearable looks we'll be talking from runway to real life.

Just because they're hot off the haute couture runway doesn't mean the makeup trends for spring summer 2015 are off limits. Phew.

We've rounded up our edit of must-wear looks for this season. From a barely there red lip to bronzed cheekbones, here's a look at the makeup trends you'll be mad to miss this SS15!

Punctuated red lips

What woman doesn't feel sexy in a bold red lip? For Spring/Summer designers took everyone's favourite lippy and gave it an instant update.

Instead of smearing red all over your mouth, apply with a light hand. Start off darker in the centre and gradually go lighter as you move out to the corners.

Pinky promise

Ditch garish shades of pink and opt for a pretty pink pout come spring. The softer hue is right in line with the fuss free tone of the season.

It's all about being feminine without being too showy.

Blonde brows

Eyebrows are a major part of every woman's beauty routine. It's no wonder designers took note and made them bolder than ever. The Spring/Summer 2015 runway was rife with blonde brows.

It's a trend that certainly isn't for the faint of heart.

Bronze babe

It isn't quite summer without a bronze glow. In the upcoming months it's all about having those cheeks glisten like the sun.Take notes from the models at Balmain, Ralph Lauren and beyond to get this look just right.

Plum pout

Who said dark lipstick was solely reserved for the cool seasons? Break the rules and dare to be bold with a plum pout come spring.

Yes, wine hues are great all year-round.

Colourful smoke

In a season where less is often more, it was fun to see colourful smokey eyes.

Mix and match or keep it simple when playing around with this makeup trend. The key here is extend and blend the eyeshadow slightly beyond the lids to achieve this remarkable look.

Note: Keep lips simple.

True nude

Spring/Summer 2015 aims to give women a true nude lipstick. It's a lippy that truly matches the wearer's skin tone and results in a seamless and continuous outcome.

It feels fresh and fuss-free.

Bold black liner

Black eyeliner is every woman's secret beauty weapon. Come spring, up the ante by going bolder than ever before.

Be warned: the bolder the liner, the tamer the rest of your makeup should be.

Unkempt brows

The age of the overly manicured brows is slowly being pushed behind us. Yep, that means you can give your tweezers a tiny break.

Designers had natural brows in mind for spring. Allow them to grow freely and accentuate your face. However, don't let them get out of control.

Fresh face

Ahh, there's nothing quite like a fresh face! We have to admit this is our favourite beauty trend of the season. It's all about embracing a clean visage that's free of excessive contouring.

Key items needed for this look: a good face wash and moisturiser.

What SS15 makeup trend will you be wearing this season? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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