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This Makeup Artist Creates Art From Her Arm Swatches

by Pascale Day ,
This Makeup Artist Creates Art From Her Arm Swatches© Instagram/dwglamgeek

Daisy Weigt is a makeup artist-cum-actual artist if her beauty swatches are anything to go by. Daisy creates works of art on her arm in lieu of the usual eyeshadow or lipstick streak on the forearm and the results are kind of magical.

Yeah yeah yeah, we're seen the usual makeup swatches time and time again and, whilst mesmerising, we need something more. Daisy Weigt has got that thing.

Instagram beauty aficionado Daisy, also known on Insta as dwglamgeek, has been getting creative with her swatches, because not only do we want to know if the makeup is going to suit our skin tone, we wanna appreciate some art along with it. Daisy uses makeup swatches as an opportunity to create artistic drawings on her arm. ​Daisy is a cosmetologist and mum to three girls, and owns over 1,000 lipsticks! So she's obviously putting them to good use with her arm art.

The usual way that beauty bloggers test out makeup to their skin tone is just with a straight line of colour across the forearm, but Daisy has been using liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows and to draw colourful motifs on her arm so you can check out the colour and some awesome drawings at the same time. She often doodles Harry Potter, but the famous Kylie Cosmetics mouth logo accompanied a swatch of the lip kits, whilst two bright purple matte lipsticks formed the Mean Girls title. Pretty cool, huh?

Do you like Daisy's swatches? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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