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This Woman Used Live Insects In Her Lip Art And The Internet Is Not Happy

by Pascale Day ,
This Woman Used Live Insects In Her Lip Art And The Internet Is Not Happy© instagram.com/butterflyjasmine49

When it comes to new makeup trends, we're all for a little creative flair. Barbed brows, neon eyeliner, LED eyelashes we can all get on board with. But when it comes to using live creatures to promote your quirky lip tricks well, that might be a step too far for us beauty fans.

Instagram user and self-taught MUA @butterflyjasmine49 is anything but ordinary when it comes to her beauty techniques. From turning herself into a bright, colourful mosaic, to creating some terrifying halloween looks and the most bizarre food-inspired beauty creations we've ever seen, Jasmine is anything but boring when it comes to being an Instagram MUA. But Jasmine's latest series, a collection of makeup art inspired by nature, has caught the internet's eye for a different reason.

Along with a lush botanical beard and a cute flower lip look, Jasmine's Insta also includes two looks that involved live animals as props. In one, a snail perches on her hand. In another, a wasp sits on her lip.

And the internet was, of course, outraged. One user said "This is my worst nightmare in a picture," whilst another commented, "I'm sorry, gluing wasp corpses on your lips is disgusting." Jasmine does confirm that the wasp is actually already dead, but the backlash prompted her to caption her next picture that featured a snail with the a disclaimer: "PLEASE READ: Why do I have a live snail on my hand? I have it there cause I like snails. They're beautiful to me. This is a form of my artistic expression, I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. I'm not asking you to get it or like it but if we can refrain from being mean about it, that'd be nice I'm inspired by nature and here's a byproduct of that. (Snail was found in my yard and promptly put right back where I found him after our photo shoot)".

But many people were also supportive of Jasmine's most recent lip art. "Omg!!! These real life props I'm loving!! The bee, now a snail!!! What's next?!! So cute!!" One fan said, whilst another enthused, "Once again, job well done! Absolutely genius!!!"

Whilst we're all for interesting makeup looks, we think using creepy crawlies might be just that little bit too far for us - we'll just stick to our Ruby Woo for now, thanks.

What do you think of this makeup look? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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