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Turns Out The Best Shade Of Lipstick For You Is The Same Colour As Your Nipples

by Pascale Day ,
Turns Out The Best Shade Of Lipstick For You Is The Same Colour As Your Nipples© We Heart It

Ladies, here's today's tit bit: if you want to find your perfect shade of lippy, look no further than under your tee, because apparently the best way to find the colour that complements you best is to take a look at your nipples.

Here at SoFem, we're partial to a trend - black, holographic and ombre lipstick, we're here for. Vagina lipstick, not so much. But here's one thing we'd never thought we'd be saying: the secret to our ideal lip shade is that it should match your nipple colour.

According to American TV show The Doctors - who are, by the way, actual doctors, not just TV doctors - the best way to tell if a lipstick's gonna suit you is to check it against your nipples. Try that next time you're browsing the lippies in MAC - don't test it out on your arm, just lift up your shirt and swatch it straight onto the nip.

Naturally, once Twitter got hold of this top-notch piece of advice, it had a field day:

So after all the times we matched our lipstick to our hair colour or skin colour, it turns out to get the perf shade you just need to trust your gut - and your boobs, of course. Now that we've learnt this little trick, we feel like we might be looking at our mates' lipstick choices slightly differently.

Now, run to the bathroom and take your fave 'stick with you - according to The Doctors, you won't regret it.

Would you ever try this? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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