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You Can Now Buy Lip Balm For Your Vagina 'Cos 'Your Other Lips Get Chapped Too’

by Helen Turnbull ,
You Can Now Buy Lip Balm For Your Vagina 'Cos 'Your Other Lips Get Chapped Too’© vmagicnow.com

We don't know about you but we're getting a little tired of people inventing lipsticks for our vaginas. Remember Mensez? Yeah, we'd rather forget it too - shudder. But VMagic's 'Lips Stick' comes in peace; it's a soothing balm for your vulva to keep it hydrated, apparently. Is this the product we've been waiting for? Er...

So, nearly a month after Daniel Dopps, a chiropractor from Kansas, decided what us women really want and need is a lipstick that glues our vaginas shut when we're on our period, there's a new vaginal lip kit on our radar. But don't worry - this one purports to help our vaginas.

VMagic create feminine hygiene products designed to help women maintain a good relationship with their nethers. Their 'Feminine Lips Stick​' is a moisturising balm used to calm and sooth the vagina when the skin is sore and irritated, but in a handy chapstick form that allows you to carry it round in your handbag inconspicuously. Where exactly can I use it, I hear you ask? VMagic says the balm can be used on "the entire external area surrounding the opening of the vagina and outer area including your labia, clitoris and perineum". And the good news is, there's nothing harmful in the vaginal chap sticks - the website says it's "free of all dyes, fragrances, soy, hormones, steroids, synthetic preservatives, petroleum or parabens".


As V-Mag remind us, there's so many damn things that can upset the balance of your vajayjay, and here's just a few of said things your vagina will vehemently reject at some point in your life: waxing, shaving, swimming, sitting in a hot tub, particularly challenging sports - the list goes on. Sex, the purest of all human interactions, will make your vagina hate you. Even wearing jeans that are a bit tight can screw you over - not only unforgiving on a pizza tummy, it turns out. Soap. Even soap can eff up your vee-jay. Yes, at many points throughout your life, your vagina is not going to be happy with you, unless you treat it with the utmost respect. Yes, it is the part of your body that most resembles Don Vito Corleone in spirit and you need to keep it sweet.

See, the pH balance of your downstairs is so fragile and once that balance is knocked off you are open to infection. That's where VMagic is supposed to come in - your vagina's revenge on you for wearing super snug mom jeans isn't a dish best served cold but rather served itchy and sore. The real question is, with such a temperamental section of your body, is VMagic's product safe to use? The stick contains extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil, beeswax, honey, propolis - all organic, of course. The site even claims it's chemical-free, cruelty-free and "100% edible". Maybe don't eat it though.

It should be noted that if you are experiencing itchiness or soreness down there, then this balm likely won't be the cure, only a quick fix. You should always see your doctor if you're having any issues but if you dp want to try it out, you can buy VMagic's Feminine Lips Stick here.

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Helen Turnbull
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